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June 26, 2009

Marion Bartoli


7-6, 6-0

Q. How disappointed were you with your Wimbledon exit there?
MARION BARTOLI: Well, it's kind of disappointing, but she played really well today. I didn't have my chances. Sometimes you just have to exit and your opponent can be better than you.
I think it was the fact today was I had some chances. The first set I was leading 5-3, but she was really keeping me, putting a lot of pressure. She was missing almost absolutely no balls. And she was -- I thought I was playing against a wall; the ball keeps coming back, keeps coming back, and it was really hard to make one winner.
Of course I'm disappointed because I lost, but I mean, it was really hard for me to find a way to win today.

Q. Do you think the set points in the first set had a big impact on the match itself and actually put it in her favor, or are you disappointed with the second set?
MARION BARTOLI: Well, of course if I had won the first set maybe it would be different. But you know, I felt like the grass is so slow. It's so hard to win one point from the baseline.
I was keeping hitting the ball, hitting the ball, hitting the ball, and the ball keeps coming back, keeps coming back. So when I was trying to come to the net, if my approach shot was not absolutely perfect, she was passing me all the time. So I had to come up with the perfect shot on each point, which is really difficult to do.
Again, of course, it's disappointing, but I think today she was just better than me.

Q. So you think there's actually a difference in terms of the grass to when you actually got the final here a couple years ago?
MARION BARTOLI: I think it gets really slower and slower honestly, especially during the first week. I mean, two years ago it was different. My third round I played against Shahar Peer, which is not really a grass specialist, so it was really a much better draw.
But the first week I know the grass is going to be slower than second week, but I really feel that it's really getting slower and slower.

Q. How do you pick yourself up from this defeat today?
MARION BARTOLI: Well, you know, I just have to go on during the season. I'm working hard, giving really the best chances to go on the court and compete at my best. I'm really outside of the court doing everything I need to do. If my opponents are better than me, then there is nothing I can do else. I can't work more and I can't do more than I'm doing right now.

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