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June 26, 2009

Robin Soderling


7-6, 6-4, 6-4

Q. Can I ask how you are first of all? You had the trainer and then you had the doctor and you seemed to be taking pills or something.
ROBIN SODERLING: Yeah, I feel okay. I feel much better than yesterday.

Q. What was wrong?
ROBIN SODERLING: My stomach has been pretty bad since Wednesday, so I didn't eat a lot. Yeah, I felt pretty bad.

Q. Is it food poisoning or --
ROBIN SODERLING: Not sure, actually.

Q. If I may say so, it didn't seem to affect your play.

Q. Either before or after.
ROBIN SODERLING: I played well today. I was hitting the ball very well, but I got tired. I felt okay first set, but after the first set I was tired. I didn't really move the way I wanted to, but I played okay anyway.

Q. Where have you been eating? Do you cook your own food or do you eat in the restaurants around the complex?
ROBIN SODERLING: Whatever. We cooked, we went to restaurants, we had delivered, everything. I'm not sure.

Q. Hard to track down what it is?
ROBIN SODERLING: The thing is it's been like this for two days now, so it's probably not from the food I don't think.

Q. Do you have any reason to think that you could get closer to Roger should Roger win on the grass here rather than the clay of France?
ROBIN SODERLING: No. (Laughter.) You know, I can play well on every surface, and he definitely showed that he can play very well on all surfaces. I'd say yeah, but our closest match has been on grass and indoor courts. So maybe I can get a little bit more from my serve trying to get some more easy or like shorter points. So that's maybe the advantage of playing on a faster surface. But not sure.

Q. You will have to do better than in Paris. What will you wish to make better than in Paris?
ROBIN SODERLING: Everything, I think. But it's tough to play against Roger. You know, I've played him ten times, and after the match I never felt like I played well. But I mean, it's not because of me, I think it's because of him. He makes you play. It's tough to play well against him, put it that way. I'd like to improve everything from Paris.

Q. Presumably playing Federer on grass is the same as playing Nadal on clay. Can you take some heart from that result?
ROBIN SODERLING: Yes, I mean, maybe it's the same challenge. It's very tough to beat Rafa on clay, and it's as tough to beat Roger on grass. But I made it once. We'll see. It's going to be a tough match for sure.

Q. Are you also happy following the run in Paris you've been able to back it up with a few good wins here?
ROBIN SODERLING: Yeah, I didn't play any tournaments since Paris, so I just came here no grass court matches at all. But I felt like I played okay. Today I played maybe my best match so far.

Q. What else has been happening between Paris and now just in terms of the impact of you reaching the final?
ROBIN SODERLING: Not too much. I did a lot of media stuff, but apart from that, not too much. I try to live my life as I did before Paris.

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