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June 26, 2009

Retief Goosen


Q. A 68 today, not as good as yesterday, what was the difference?
RETIEF GOOSEN: Well, I didn't start off as great as yesterday. Got a bit carried a way with the bugs. I wouldn't say I hit the ball as good as yesterday. Yesterday I hit the ball very good, besides the second shot on 18.
Today I didn't really give myself that many chances. I hit a lot of putts that didn't go in. But overall very happy. I'm happy with the round today and kept it together.

Q. You said you had a bit of problem with the bugs, just tell us exactly what happened.
RETIEF GOOSEN: Green is not always their favourite color. It was scary this morning, the bugs. You couldn't see the ball. I put my rain suits up, at least they are not attracted to blue.

Q. You seem to have an affinity with this golf course. What is it about this course that you like?
RETIEF GOOSEN: I don't know, it obviously suits my eye and I see the shots well on it and I seem to line up pretty easy and the shots into the greens.
So, it will be nice this weekend to keep it going and see what happens.

Q. Of course you had decent conditions this morning, better to play in the sunshine?
RETIEF GOOSEN: Yeah, the greens, especially the first nine, the greens were excellent to putt on. You're sort of a bit frustrated that you didn't take more advantage of the golf course this morning.
But I'm happy where I am. I'm sure it will be close to leading on the end of the day and see what happens.

Q. Just 4-under, what was the difference?
RETIEF GOOSEN: Putts, and I probably hit the ball slightly better yesterday. But overall very happy the round.
It was a pity the one bogey I made on No. 7. It would have been nice to go two rounds without a bogey, but you know, 12-under, I would have taken it at the start of yesterday.

Q. Early tee time an advantage?
RETIEF GOOSEN: Yeah, obviously this morning the greens were perfect the first nine holes. They got a bit bumpy again on the second nine, but overall very happy where I'm standing now and looking forward to the next two rounds.

Q. You told us on Wednesday when you arrived here that you really played well and you like this golf course. No difference, I guess?
RETIEF GOOSEN: True, yeah. It was nice. If I can add another couple of 4-under pars in the next two rounds, I'm sure it might be good enough.

Q. With the pin positions, it's probably not four shots worse than yesterday.
RETIEF GOOSEN: Yeah, there's a few pins definitely locked up today. No. 18, especially, that played very long this afternoon, and yeah, the pins are definitely tucked a little bit closer to the corners and the water.
So I expect scoring to be a little bit higher today than average, probably a couple of shots higher than it would have been yesterday.

Q. 68 is not too long to snarl about.
RETIEF GOOSEN: Definitely, I'm very happy with the round. You know, I'm up there at the moment, leading, so it will be nice to keep it going.

Q. You were saying about the bugs. You actually put your rainproof top on even though you didn't need to?
RETIEF GOOSEN: Yeah, I just put it onto keep the bugs off. They don't come to blue at all but green, yellow and red apparently is the worst. So I'll be wearing blue the next couple of days.

Q. You were saying you couldn't see the ball.
RETIEF GOOSEN: It was covered in them, covered. I've got bug repel lent on me now and look at me, they are still all over me. I swapped my hat with my caddie because I had a green hat on, too, just to keep the things out of my ears and nose.

Q. Have you ever experienced anything like that as bad with that sort of intersect stuff?
RETIEF GOOSEN: A couple of times, but this is pretty -- I was totally covered at one stage. It's amazing.

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