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June 26, 2009

Nick Dougherty


Q. Two eagles and the one on 6 was quite special I believe.
NICK DOUGHERTY: I hit the flag on 6. It was timely because I had made a bad bogey on the hole before. I was really pleased. Two eagles is unusual, and I've been hitting the ball solid this week and putting a lot better. I did some good work with Callaway on my putting and went into the factory and Seamus helped me there on the putting system to find the right one for me. Seems to be working so far this week and hopefully it will continue.

Q. So you're working with a new putter?
NICK DOUGHERTY: It is. It's the same grip I've been using the last few weeks but it is a new putter. The detail you can get into with all of this equipment now is phenomenal. It came out that my stroke is consistent, but I line up this one better than I lined up my old putter and seems to have made a bit of a difference so far this week.

Q. How much more comfortable are you feeling when you get on to the greens?
NICK DOUGHERTY: A lot more. It was a little tricky today because in the afternoons they do obviously get a little more beat up, so it's harder to trust it, because yesterday they were phenomenal. They were the best greens we've putted all year, considering the weather we had as well, they were great.
You know, I trusted it today as well. I holed a few decent-length ones and when I do that I'm usually in contention and no doubt that's why I am where I am at the moment.

Q. What about the conditions, this course seems to suit your style of golf?
NICK DOUGHERTY: Yeah, I've always liked playing here. I've never actually done all that well in the past. I've been in contention a couple of times before but I do enjoy coming here. The only work is that 18th tee shot, because I hit the tree to not go in the water yesterday and today I barely got over. I might come over tonight and hit a couple extra ones.

Q. Is it just a case of putting four rounds together?
NICK DOUGHERTY: I think so, but I mean, for instance, Wales, it's two ways to look at that. There's one that I lost the tournament and I had a shocking last day.
And the other way to look at it is I had three great days, and I had not got three great days together in a long time. There are so many positives there, and I know I learned what I did wrong on the last day. And if I can keep using that and taking positives from things, no doubt I'll get back to where I should be.

Q. Wonderful round, congratulations. What made the difference?
NICK DOUGHERTY: Nothing. Fairly similar to yesterday. Just made the two eagles, certainly helped, picking up two shots on one hole is always a bonus.
So yeah, they certainly kick started my round because I got to a little bit of a slow start. But I was fairly consistent out there. I hit a lot of good iron shots. Didn't make too many mistakes.
And I putted well, so it all adds up to a consistent day and a good score. I'm very pleased with that. It's a good round of golf and it's put me in a good spot.

Q. Do you feel it was an advantage to this have side of the draw?
NICK DOUGHERTY: Advantage? I think we're on the bad side of the draw to be honest.
Yeah, we played nine holes in the rain yesterday morning. We had the stop in our play yesterday, as well. And then you know, you look at the scoring, most of the guys on that leaderboard are from the other side of the draw.
I would say we were on the wrong side of the draw but I'm very pleased with my position.

Q. Your thoughts about the golf course this year versus the past?
NICK DOUGHERTY: I think it's phenomenal. I think considering the weather we've had, I think it's held up great and it's a testament to the green staff here the job that they have done.
Obviously there was a little accident here yesterday, and I would like to wish the lady who slipped over and hurt herself the best recoveries.
But you know, as far as the golf course is playing, it's great, and it's a pleasure to play, it always is, and that's why it's such a good field here.

Q. How did it affect your golf yesterday?
NICK DOUGHERTY: It did a bit. We all went a little bit quiet to be honest. It was fairly -- did you see? It was fairly gruesome. It was horrible. Somehow, one much those things, I turned and looked at it as she started to cross the bridge. I was only about 15 yards from her. It was horrible to be honest. Yeah, I could have been sick I think at the time that I saw it. I'm blessed that she was screaming. It was horrible for her. I felt so sorry for her, and hopefully she's doing well.
Apparently she had quite a lot of work done last night. In fact, she was in surgery for three hours and still needs a bit more to be done. We put a letter together that we were signing and sending over to her; not that it's going to make her feel any better about her broken leg, but hopefully something she'll laugh about in a few years time, maybe.

Q. The eagles?
NICK DOUGHERTY: I hit the flag with a 6-iron and finished about four feet.
And then the one on 9, I hit a good drive, 3-wood to about 35 feet. It was a good putt. Holed a good putt there.

Q. And how desperate are you to get in The Open?
NICK DOUGHERTY: I'd love to play in The Open. But you know, I think I've got to -- I'm thinking long term with trying to get back to where I was, and the best way of doing that is to stay in the now. You know, yes, I would love to play in The Open, but I'm just going to concentrate week-to-week I think and try and build on the good signs I've had recently. I've made it more of a trend to be playing good golf, whereas a few months ago, I'd have the odd good round.
Now I'm building on it, and Wales was a good example of I put three really good rounds together, one bad day.

Q. You said you learned on the bad day?
NICK DOUGHERTY: Yeah, I felt like I should win that tournament. You know, I changed the game plan a bit and when I made a little bit of a mistake at the start, I pushed way too hard and I 3-putted the 7th green there from nowhere and then of course then I needed to get two shots back and pushed on to the next hole and dropped another one. So I was chasing my tail and that's how I ended up shooting that horrific -- I didn't play like 79 but that's how that happened.
I learned a lot from it and I would do it differently next time. It's amazing being on Tour eight years and still learning how to win golf tournaments. I'm more worried about winning the BMW International Open to be honest than I am about getting in The Open, and if I do that, I'll be fine.

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