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June 25, 2009

Stephen Curry


Q. Wanted to ask you how does it feel to play in a backcourt with Monta Ellis and Stephen Jackson, that all three of you could do anything offensively. Talk about how exciting that could be.
STEPHEN CURRY: It's dangerous. I think for an opponent to come in with three guys who can be scoring threats; I know those guys, and the teammates, as well, all three have a potential to get rebound, push it in transition, work off each other, and it's going to be funny think to get in that kinds of system.

Q. Ellis has stated he's interested in staying at point guard. Would you be willing to move to shooting guard if that was the case?
STEPHEN CURRY: Definitely. That's a benefit to my college career; I played both positions for an extended period of time and know how to do both. Either way, I'm going to have learn how to do the NBA, but I have experience with it and whatever the team needs me to do, that's what I have to do.

Q. Just talk about how it all went down, and just what you thought was going to happen and then how it did happen and you were very close to going to New York but didn't, or were you really because you know --
STEPHEN CURRY: I came into tonight not knowing what was going to happen besides Blake going No. 1.
Other than that, once Minnesota took two point guards, I saw the fit that was there in Golden State when I realized that it would make sense to pick me there. And wasn't surprised at all that they did.
Close to New York and moved on past that opportunity and ready to go.

Q. It looked like once the picks were off the board and it came down to Golden State, or the Knicks, were you putting your hands together that they were going to pick someone else, or you dipped your head for a second?
STEPHEN CURRY: That was me dipping my head. That was just a little way of thanking him for this opportunity. It wasn't anything about not going to New York or a disappointment or anything like that.

Q. You had not made any secret your desire to play in New York; any twinge of disappointment?
STEPHEN CURRY: I left that all yesterday, once the Draft day comes and you know anything can happen, you can't go in biased towards one team or anything like that and try to let yourself down. Came with an open mind and just take whatever happens and go with it.

Q. Coach Don Nelson can be unpredictable with minutes. How are you preparing?
STEPHEN CURRY: Last three days, I had Coach McKillop playing 40 minutes a game [] I'm going to to adjust to that if that's how it goes down. I'm willing to show him I'm willing to work and hopefully it won't be a problem. I guess you take each instance and each situation and just make the best of it. I don't think it will be a problem.

Q. Your mom had a pretty cool sign in the Green Room. Is there any story behind it?
STEPHEN CURRY: The "hi, Davidson" one? Just remembering where I came from, my teammates and all of them are having a big party back at Davidson and celebrating. I don't know if it made the camera or not but that was just our way of saying hi to the community back there that's meant so much to me the last few years and just showing I'm still wearing Davidson on my heart even though I have a Golden State hat on now.

Q. You're the only All-American to be considered a legacy at the school. Why do you feel now was the right time to leave for the NBA?
STEPHEN CURRY: Just me feeling ready for it and knowing that I can really contribute on the next level right away. Don't want to come in, I guess, prepared for what I'm about to experience.
Stay my junior year and develop my mental toughness throughout the season helped prepare me for what I wanted to do at that point.

Q. Knowing that your dad played in the NBA, did you have it in your mind at an early age that you wanted to do the same thing?
STEPHEN CURRY: You always dream that you want to do what your dad does, especially I went to the gym, shoot around, the locker room and all that stuff and that's all I knew. I wanted to follow in his foot steps but I didn't think it would be a reality until pretty much my sophomore year in college that this could actually happen.
But growing up, definitely you want to do what your dad does.

Q. Is there going to be an "I Love College" remix?
STEPHEN CURRY: I'm going to have to invite all my friends from Davidson to Golden State to maybe mix a song about the new team.

Q. What do you know really good Golden State? Have you ever been to that arena, just about the team and Nelson, very much, or not very much at all?
STEPHEN CURRY: Very vaguely. I know a couple of players, Jackson and Ellis and Coach Don Nelson. I know their style of play is up-and-down. Other than that, I know the city pretty well. It's going to be a Brand new experience with a different coach. It's going to be a quick learning curve for me.

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