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May 22, 2005

Stephen Dodd


GORDON SIMPSON: How do you feel?

STEPHEN DODD: Quite excited, actually.

GORDON SIMPSON: Feels different from China, doesn't it?

STEPHEN DODD: It does. Once I did it once, I wanted to do it again, and fortunately today, that was what I achieved.

GORDON SIMPSON: You obviously felt for David, losing two weeks running.

STEPHEN DODD: Yeah, David must be a bit disappointed with that, but it's just a question of time. He just needs to be patient and his time will come.

GORDON SIMPSON: Tell us about how the day went.

STEPHEN DODD: A lot of waiting around, really. I was just ten minutes or so from teeing off, and the weather came in and we had an hour and a half delay. I was hitting it nicely on the range and I went out with a good attitude. I felt like I conducted myself well out there today.

GORDON SIMPSON: And did you have any fears at the end there that you were going to be done like you were by Ernie in Dubai?

STEPHEN DODD: As I said earlier in the week, all I can do is control what I do. If somebody does make an eagle down the last, you know, I can't control what they do. All I can do is my best and whatever happens, happens.

Q. What would you have said at the start of the year if someone said you would win twice by now?

STEPHEN DODD: I would have been quite happy if somebody had said that to me. Obviously I didn't expect to win twice in the starts that I've had. But at the same time, I've put a lot of hard work in the last couple of years, and I feel like the work I've put in has finally paid off.

Q. Will you change as a person?

STEPHEN DODD: I hope not. I don't think it will.

GORDON SIMPSON: Why do you feel it took so long, now that you've had a bit more time to reflect on last 15 years?

STEPHEN DODD: That's a good question. I just think, as soon as I turned pro, I started to change a little bit of technique, technically. I was taking it on the course the technique side of it instead of just worrying about playing and getting the ball around, and that kind of held me back for quite a long time. And now I'm all focused on the job I'm out there for which is to get the ball around in as few shots as possible, rather than worried about, is it looking good or is this right or is that right.

Q. At the start of the week you thought it would be a low winning total but you won with nine under?

STEPHEN DODD: I feel like I played really well this week. I've not putted today as well as I'd like to or yesterday, but for most of the week, I've played really nicely, and it's just I think the standard out here is really good at the moment, and it's only going to get better.

People will score no matter what the conditions or what the course is like. It's shown every week that people will get around if they are playing well, and that's what's happened this week.

Q. Will the club members be watching back in Wales?

STEPHEN DODD: I have no idea. I would think some of them will be.

GORDON SIMPSON: This obviously helps you with your ambitions of where you want to play this year and gets you into the Top 100 now.

STEPHEN DODD: Well, I suppose the schedule will change a little bit from now on, but what it will be I really don't know at this moment in time.

GORDON SIMPSON: And is this the best of them, also, of the things you've achieved?

STEPHEN DODD: Well, yeah, it must be, it's the biggest tournament I've won, so it must be the best I've achieved.

Q. Has your life changed since the first one?

STEPHEN DODD: Not really. It didn't. I just carried on as normal, really.

GORDON SIMPSON: Tell us just about the playoff today. You knocked it just to the right of the fairway, didn't you?

STEPHEN DODD: The left side of the fairway there's a tree there and you're just blocked out, so if you need to be even if you're in the semi rough, it's where you need to be than the other side of the fairway. I just went out and I felt like I had nothing to lose in the playoff, and it was all to gain, and that's how I approached it.

GORDON SIMPSON: What did you hit into the green?


GORDON SIMPSON: Thank you very much, Stephen.

End of FastScripts.

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