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June 24, 2009

John Daly


SCOTT CROCKETT: Thanks very much for coming in and joining us, and welcome, as always, to Munich. You've been here many years over the years, and it's always a pleasure to have you and, indeed, on The European Tour. Just your thoughts on the game today, a little bit of a damper there, but did you enjoy yourself?
JOHN DALY: Yeah, the golf course with all the rain is in great shape. Hats off to the greens keeper and superintendent and all that. I played yesterday and really the only hole that was flooded was 18 a little bit.
So they are doing a tremendous job keeping the golf course somewhat dry.
SCOTT CROCKETT: And your own game, a week back in the States and you played pretty consistently in Europe. Your thoughts on your game this week.
JOHN DALY: Yeah, I worked three days in a row with Rick Smith before I came over. We worked on a lot of short game stuff, trying to shorten the putting stroke a little bit, because I've been real close to scoring really well. It just has not happened for four days yet. The rounds have been consistent. There's been opportunity in each of my rounds to be well under par, and so if the short game is a little fine tuned like we did for three days last week, hopefully it will pay off.
SCOTT CROCKETT: Always good feelings coming back to somewhere where you have played so well and you've won; do you get good feelings when you come back?
JOHN DALY: Yeah, always, I think I've had four really, really good tournaments, a win and three or four Top-10s and chances, and this golf course is set up that way. If you're putting the ball good and driving the ball good, you have some opportunities.
The greens, there's only a few of them that are really big. They are not the biggest greens that we play, so there's always a chance if you hit the greens, you get a chance to make it.

Q. You have looking so slim today. (Laughter) How many times do you weigh yourself?
JOHN DALY: I'm down to 210. I had my band filled a week ago, so I had to go for five days on soup again and stuff, trying to get to my goal of 190. So I have 20 pounds to go. I'm way ahead of where I thought I would be, that's for sure.
SCOTT CROCKETT: Do you feel a difference in the swing? Do you have to adjust your swing?
JOHN DALY: That's the amazing thing; I've been pretty hefty for quite a long time and I think '97 is when I lost some weight and the swing got better and I started playing better. Rick loves it. I'm getting through the ball. My finish is strong. When you're overweight, it's hard to get to your left side. So it helped tremendously.

Q. You've enjoyed the odd burger and things, are you missing that or do you manage to put that out of your minds now?
JOHN DALY: You do miss it. The thing is that I know I can't -- I just can't eat the breads. Since I got this filling, about eight, nine, ten more days, I might be able to eat probably the burger part and a little bit of the bread. It's made it real easy. You don't crave it as much, and I know it's not going to go down now, since I've experienced trying it. Just doesn't go down. It just comes right back up. And that's something that I want to happen for me so I can keep the weight off, because otherwise, I just know, how hard I try, no matter how hard I try, I always gain it back, and I'm sure there's a lot of people in this world that feel the same way.
It's hard and I don't work out and that even makes it harder. I feel like walking six, seven times in a week, we are talking every day, there might be a day off in a Monday or something, so plenty of exercise. So, it is. It's very, very tough. The first month was very hard, but now I've gotten used to it.

Q. Just explain a bit about what the band being filled, how often does that have to happen?
JOHN DALY: Well, there's a port right here just below my rib where Dr. Jesse put it in. There's a cord that goes to the stomach where the food goes in and there's a band and what she does is she will squirt saline into it and it fills it up and tightens the tube where the food goes down.
So if I can gulp two glass of water kind of quick and it goes down, I'm fine. If I don't, I'll throw it up, and then she adjusts that way. When it's tightened, nothing goes down. I mean, Diet Cokes have been very tough to drink, all carbonated stuff is very hard to drink right now.
But I can sip on it a little bit, but other than that, I can't -- when I'm real thirsty, I can't even down water the way I used to. Just tighten it up and keeps the weight coming off.

Q. I think you're here for four weeks this time?

Q. What would you view as success considering you have a major at the end of it?
JOHN DALY: Hopefully get some Top-10s would be a very successful trip. I love playing here. I've never played the course in France that we are going next week. All I've heard from the players is it's one of the best golf courses we play. And I've played Loch Lomond, so I know that's a great spot, but it's usually wet. But I love playing there, and then of course I've played Turnberry before.
It's a great stretch of four great golf courses, and I'm just excited to be here and I love coming back here, especially, because there's been some great memories here.

Q. What kind of food are you having at the moment?
JOHN DALY: Like oatmeal, stuff like that, soups, very little meat, kind of like a bolognese-type stuff, hamburger meat and spaghetti sauce, I can eat that without the noodles but nothing real, real solid. Steak is very difficult to eat. Mashed potatoes go down a little bit. Real, real solid foods won't go down right now. I have probably five or six more days before I can eat solid, solid foods.

Q. Does it help you feel better?
JOHN DALY: Oh, I feel great. The first three days after she fills it you are a little tired because you are not getting the protein you need, but after that, it's just a 1,200-calorie-a-day diet. It's what every doctor wishes most people would do. And I think 1,200 is stretching it a little bit, with as active as most people are now with workouts and stuff, but it's easy to keep it under 1,200 calories for me right now. This makes it a lot easier.

Q. Tell us about your pants, you don't seem very colourful today; the next day's colour, is it black?
JOHN DALY: Have you been outside? We have not come up with rain pants yet, but I'm sure that's going to be next.

Q. No colored rain pants?
JOHN DALY: Not yet. We are trying to maybe get our own. We are going to make them our own I guess. But interesting enough, I don't know if it's going to be the Scottish or the British but we are coming out with a Loud Mouth golf bag so it will be interesting to see what it looks like with a lot of the different styles of pants on the golf bag. So that will be cool to see.

Q. Are you expecting sunny weather the next day, as well?
JOHN DALY: I hope so. I had a meeting with Larry Jackson, who is one of the partners from scouting in Memphis, and they were up 78 per cent in the month of May. His projections in June is going to be just as good. So we are having a blast. We are having a blast with it. We should have some new styles out end of August or end of September for next year's stuff.

Q. Are you attracting more sponsorship on different levels then?
JOHN DALY: Well, the All Sport guys, I talked to them probably around October of last year and I wanted to come up with a drink that I'm not a big water drinker so we came up with a drink called Natural Zero where it's kind of rehydration, no sugar, no carbs with some flavour. I hate drinking water. It's nice to have something that tastes something decent that's decent for you. But I got that deal with them. It's part of Big Red. Big Red is a carbonation drink that they, if I'm not mistaken, I think they out sell in Texas more than Coke and Diet Coke, and stuff. And I have the Heavy Putter relationship and then I have Loud Mouth.

Q. Have you been surprised by the response to the trousers? It seems that every newspaper you pick up or every magazine is covered of pictures of you in these trousers.
JOHN DALY: Yeah, I didn't realise that the company was over eight years old, which makes me feel even better because I feel like I've helped generate the sales go up. I mean, it's just something different.
It's something that's really, I think kind of neat. I think you know, people who wear them shouldn't be embarrassed to wear them or anything. It's just different. It's something that's very colourful and it's bright. You know, it's easy to match shirts with, that's for sure. You've got eight or nine different colour shirts you can wear with pretty much all the pants.
We are just having a blast with it. The shorts and the kilt and the skirts will be out for the ladies I think in August.

Q. Will you wear a kilt?
JOHN DALY: No, I won't wear a kilt, no. (Chuckling).

Q. You said you want to get some Top-10 places. What do you think is possible for your golf career? Are you ready again one year, two years, to win again majors?
JOHN DALY: I don't know. If I keep working the way I've been working with Rick and getting some confidence back, I mean, everybody knows that if you putt well on a tour, you're going to play decent.
Mine is just being consistent. I haven't been consistent on the greens lately. I feel like I'm starting to strike the ball just as good as I've ever hit it in my life. I'm hitting every shot solid, so it's easy to figure out what's wrong when you are hitting everything solid. It's just your alignment or too quick or whatever.
I feel like it could happen any given week right now, because I've prepared myself. If it happens, it happens. But at least I know that I've given myself a great shot at winning again.

Q. Except of your drives, why do you think the Germans like you so much?
JOHN DALY: I don't know. I got asked that in Italy and Spain and home and everything. I don't know, I think it's because people understand that I've never hidden anything that's ever happened that I've done wrong or good. I think people relate to that. There's no skeletons in my closet because you guys all know about it.
I've always been that way. That's the way my mom always raised me, to be honest about what's going on. That's why I've always given you guys, whether it's good or bad, I've always told you the truth about things, and I think fans relate to that.
SCOTT CROCKETT: We should ask you as a German, why do you like John so much? So he's right then? Good, well done. John, many thanks, as always. Good luck this week.

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