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June 24, 2009

Boo Weekley


THE MODERATOR: Thanks for joining us here at the 2009 Travelers Championship. On the way over you were talking about how you were kind of falling apart, your shoulder and your back. Just kind of bring us up to speed. You haven't had a break for a couple of weeks. Just kind of the state of the game.
BOO WEEKLY: I'm falling apart a little bit at a time. But it's getting better. My game ain't nowhere near close.
After the TPC I took a month off and I didn't play no golf for, I don't know, for a month there. I think I went out and hit balls two times. Played three times and then that was it. And it shows with my last two rounds or last two professional tournaments.

Q. What is the extent? What did you hurt?
BOO WEEKLY: Well, I've had it probably eight or nine years, you know, just getting cortisone shots twice or three times a year. And I hit a shot on number 4 at the TPC. And at the Players, yes, sir. And I felt it then that I did something a little worse than just the normal agony and pain.

Q. Is it tendinitis, is it rotator cuff? Is it an impingement?
BOO WEEKLY: Yeah, it's a torn labrum, is that what you call it? And then I had a dry socket, and then I had some bursitis, and I had some little shreds on top of my rotator cup where it's starting to wear a little bit. And then, you know, I'm getting old.

Q. Are you in the trailer a lot for these injuries?
BOO WEEKLY: Well, I started working a little bit, yeah, working out a little bit, yes, sir. I mean, I've been doing a lot of exercises for my shoulder and riding a bike. Just little things that the doc told me, Dr. Andrews told me to do, out of Birmingham. Just, you know, little things.

Q. What do you remember about this course, if anything?
BOO WEEKLY: Nothing.

Q. It's all blank?
BOO WEEKLY: It's all blank. I mean, I tell you, maybe what came back as a bad one though, but it came back. It seems like the bad ones always pop up. But on hole 17, the year I was here, I think I made double on the last or on 17 there to miss the cut.

Q. Were you in the water, do you remember that?
BOO WEEKLY: Yes, sir. Hit it in the water. But the golf course is gorgeous. I like to play it when the sun is out. I might have to fly back to Florida to get some of it. But it looks like it's a great layout from what I've seen today. It's in perfect condition. The greens are good.
You know, I'm ready to get out there and see what it's like and put some sunshine on it.

Q. Are you going to be able to keep playing on these injuries? Are you going to take more time off? Are you going to play through to the British Open?
BOO WEEKLY: I'm going to play until I just can't play no more, unless they run out of -- if they don't run out of Cortisone, we're all right.

Q. What have you been doing? You said you haven't played in about a month. What have you been doing in the interim?
BOO WEEKLY: I've just been at the house, working.

Q. Hanging out?
BOO WEEKLY: I mean, I've just been driving a tractor around, bush hogging, fixing up my yard, moving dirt. You know, throwing sod.

Q. Is that good for the shoulder?
BOO WEEKLY: No. But it's good for the right-hand. I can do it with the right-hand, you know and kick the sod. You can kick the sod around on the ground. But I ain't fished hardly none. I mean, you know, just spending time with my family, and trying to get a lot of things organized around the house.
You know, hurricane season is down there right now. So I've kind of got into the strapping down everything mode just in case I ain't home when one decides to pop up in the gulf.

Q. Lucas Glover winning the Open. He had the time of his life he said. He was in New York. He's on top of the Empire State Building and all of that. What was your view of it, and have you talked to him about it?
BOO WEEKLY: I haven't talked to him. I've seen him for the first time. We were playing in the CVS and keeping up with it on the phones, which I mean their phones, wasn't mine. I don't have internet on mine. You know, we were keeping up with him.
You know, Lucas is part of our agency. We're in the same agency together. You know, we're friends and we fish a little bit here and there together when I'm in sea island and he's down there at the same time.
But, you know, I'm more proud of him. You know, he's a special person. You know, he gets around, you get around him, and he really is awesome. Not just on the golf course, but off, too.
THE MODERATOR: All right, well, Boo, thank you for your time, he we always enjoy chatting with you, and best of luck this week.

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