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March 6, 2005

Miguel Angel Jimenez

Stephen Dodd

Colin Montgomerie


COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I didn't hole anything really at all, two 2S and that was it really. The last hole I hit a good drive on the last and missed it. Jiménez and Els were not doing what we expected them to do. It was a golden opportunity, well, to win. But as I said, you know, it's a shame, it was a three-shot cusion. Never mind, 16-under, 69, good golf and there's nothing wrong with it at all. Nothing wrong with it at all. Now I go to TCL and I try to get some more points there.

Q. Are you pleased with the start of the year?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yeah, it's a second, a fifth, a fourth, a 10th, that's okay. Doing great, and I was third in Tiger's event before Christmas. The last four events have been super, and as I say, go from there and go to TCL and try to get some more points. I began with an 8 at the start of the year so we are getting there.

I'm hitting the ball great. Just I've got to hole more putts. I think the commentary last night, "is Monty back at his best?"

And Boxall said, "Yeah, apart from a couple of 15-footers," and that's what's missing really. I've been working on my putting. If that was the case, I would have contended here better than I did.

STEPHEN DODD: I played poorly yesterday and it was a lot better today for some reason.

For whatever reason, I don't know, but some days it's an easy game and some days it's a tough game. Today it was a bit easier. It wasn't exactly what I wanted but it was better. I holed a lot of good putts which makes a difference between a good score and a mediocre score.

Q. Was there a big difference between today and yesterday?

STEPHEN DODD: Not really. I've played with Monty quite a few times before and he's great to play with. I was relaxed with James Kingston, who I played with yesterday, was equally as good.

Q. What were you thinking watching the last?

STEPHEN DODD: I thought Miguel would 2-putt anyway. I expected him to get to 19-under just didn't happen. Not too disappointed if I had that at start of the week. It was a nice week for me, obviously.

Q. Since your win in China, the fact that you won there, does that give you a bit more confidence?

STEPHEN DODD: I think it has to. I was quite surprised I scored so well this week because I haven't really done much more a couple of months.

Q. Where do you go from here?

STEPHEN DODD: I play Qatar next week and then I have a few weeks at home after next week.

Q. Do your expectations change?

STEPHEN DODD: Not really. I'll crust go out and enjoy it.

Q. Did you enjoy it?

STEPHEN DODD: I enjoyed it today. Monty was great to play with. He had with a good bit of fun going around.

Q. A very, very hard way to lose?

MIGUEL �NGEL JIM�NEZ: Yeah, hard to lose. It was a nice comeback from Ernie the last two days and at the end I finished on 18, tried at least to get in the playoff. But, I'm playing well and hitting good, the ball, nice shots, and the only thing, miss the putts, you cannot do that.

Q. You did everything right.

MIGUEL �NGEL JIM�NEZ: Well, you know, you play very well, no complaints.

Q. Did you think on No. 16 that putt maybe would be the one; that was a very important one?

MIGUEL �NGEL JIM�NEZ: Yes, but, you know, some guy with a camera take a photo when you're on top of the ball. Anyway, I made birdie on the 16th, and then at the 17th, I was sure he was going to hole that putt on the 17th. And we go to 18th, the second putt is a great putt. I hit it firm and I say, okay, only hit the lip, hit it firm and the putt didn't drop. That's it, that's the game of golf and somebody has to finish first, second, third, fourth.

Q. If anybody is going to make eagle, it's someone like Ernie Els.

MIGUEL �NGEL JIM�NEZ: Well, I know he's in the middle of the fairway, 210 meters to the front of the green and into the wind, give him a 3-wood, he's going to make at least birdie. I already finish with 18-under par and try to make a birdie. I never thought he's going to make eagle, but he is going it to putt it, still you have to put it in there.

Q. You thought you would probably be in a playoff definitely?

MIGUEL �NGEL JIM�NEZ: Well, when I hit the green with my 3-wood, two putts. But then he made the eagle and I hit my second putt and I missed.

Q. As you say, that's golf.

MIGUEL �NGEL JIM�NEZ: That's golf.

End of FastScripts.

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