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June 5, 2009

Hedo Turkoglu


Q. Shooting-wise it's got to get better Sunday, right?
HEDO TURKOGLU: I hope so. We're not really concerned about our shooting. We've been a great shooting team all year long, but we have to just do better job on defense, on rebounding, and try to take care of business and try to get better shots on the offense, on the break, attack, inside out, kick and let guys take open shots. Don't try to play them half court.
They're long, athletic and giving us a tough time. As long as we do our part on defense, it's going to really help our offense on the other end.

Q. How do you let the past be the past? How do you just let it go from last night?
HEDO TURKOGLU: We have to. What else? It was just one game, and it was just a long series. We can't really be upset or if we had won we couldn't be happy about it. We have a couple days to work on it. That's the good thing about the playoffs, it's just adjusting and getting better. We know how good we are, and we know what we have to do to win the ballgame. We're going to prepare for it and respond strong for Sunday.

Q. Was it a strange arena, the fact that you've only been here twice, in The Finals, was it finding your rhythm? What caused what we saw last night?
HEDO TURKOGLU: I mean, like I said, we couldn't really get a lot of good shots. When you don't find your rhythm, you just settle for tough shots and make the Lakers' job easier instead of just moving the ball, making an extra pass, making them work. Now we're just taking tough shots, and they get the rebound, and on the other hand we didn't do anything to respond.
They really did just about everything, and they were just better than us yesterday. We know as a group we didn't play our game at all from start to finish. It's just one of the nights that we just put it behind and just move on and get two days of rest to prepare ourselves. We've been a great responding team. If you look at our playoff series, we obviously respond strong the next game, so I know we're going to do it Sunday, too.

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