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June 21, 2009

Todd Hamilton


Q. Just knowing when you're going to be here did things settle down, day turned out pretty well?
TODD HAMILTON: I usually don't complain about breaks but I had a couple really bad breaks, had two shots into the greens, buried underneath the bunkers and couldn't advance it toward the hole.
I didn't even try on the 2 but I probably couldn't even get it out of the bunker. So I just had to knock it down in the bunker and try to get up-and-down. Fortunately I did on 1 and the other I didn't I ended up getting a bogey and a double on those two. Probably both are going a [] size 10 further, are going to be out of the bunker and be okay. But it was odd, as much rain as we're had, the bunkers, steep, the face of the bunkers are really soft and it tells me that they're taking the sand from the bottom and just pushed it back up into the face which is going to make them have a lot more sand up there and you're going to have a tendency to plug them. Unfortunately, it happened to me.

Q. Was that a problem; avoid that problem?
TODD HAMILTON: The rest of the day was good. Just hanging in there making a lot of pars, made a couple of birdies. It's tough to make birdies out there. The course for me, anyway, is playing long. I don't feel I'm putting all that great. Making a lot of pars and just had those couple of holes that couldn't get the shots back from.
But, overall, it was pretty good. Just those two bad holes.

Q. It's not out of the realm of possibility; you are within reasonable distance of the lead. Hopefully the fourth round started this afternoon. What's the mindset now, how do you approach it?
TODD HAMILTON: Yeah, I think you just gotta be ready to play when they tell you to play and play until they tell you it's too dark or there's lightning or whatever and then go do what we've done every other day, go home late, sleep -- not very long -- and wake up early and come and do it again.
As you said, depending on what happens behind, still under par. Had you told me that I could have even par, not start of the week, I probably would have taken it. Because I thought this was a very difficult golf course. It seems to be playing not that difficult. I think they've set it up very, very nicely, and when you play in practice rounds you tend to play from the far back tee as you can.
When I did that Monday and Tuesday, I felt, man, this is a hard, hard golf course. But as I said they've set it up. They've moved some tees around and I think they've done a good job doing that.

Q. The schedule, everybody runs into this on the TOUR at some point. Has the schedule been even more frustrating than the normal?
TODD HAMILTON: Yeah, you hate to see it for a tournament of this magnitude. Not that every tournament isn't important, but when you play in a major event there's a enough pressure from outside agencies and enough pressure you put on yourself, you want everything to kind of run smooth.
You don't want to be thinking about anything except golf, and when you're having to think, "Man I gotta go back to the room but I gotta be back to the course in four hours, did I take a nap, you know, did I go do something, go to the movie and cut a tee time close," you're really not thinking about golf when that happens.
I think a tournament of this magnitude you want everything to run smoothly. Unfortunately, this week that hasn't happened.

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