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June 14, 2009

Loren Roberts


Q. How emotional, Loren?
LOREN ROBERTS: I'm holding it together pretty good. It was awfully nice at 18 and 9 today, really a nice reception, and every tee I really got a nice reception from everybody. It's nice. I'm -- 25 is definitely enough, but I'll still look forward to coming back and hanging around for the golf tournament when they have it next year.

Q. Was it tough to focus on 18 holes today with all that attention?
LOREN ROBERTS: No. I actually played pretty decently today. The golf course, when it's this wet, it's a little tough for me, but, you know, I played pretty good. I was under par a good part of day and just made a couple bogies at the end, but all in all, I'm really happy about the week and excited.
I really kind of wanted to be here on the weekend and, you know, I really got off to such a great start. I thought well, maybe, you know, but it was just nice to be here on the weekend. Everybody has been so thoughtful and nice.

Q. What has this tournament meant to you?
LOREN ROBERTS: Well, you know, I think I probably played in this tournament more than any other tournament on Tour. I think Milwaukee is maybe 24 and this is the 25th year. I started coming here in 1981. I had some great friends here, and I ended up moving here. And this community has been so good about embracing me and getting behind golf, and it's been a real honor to be here, and obviously it's made a difference in my life. I was always -- like they say, I didn't start winning until I moved to Memphis.

Q. What's your greatest memory of the 25 years playing in this tournament?
LOREN ROBERTS: I've had so many good ones. You know, I have to go all the way back to 1984 in Colonial when I had the lead going into the last round, and that probably was the first tournament on Tour that I was really in contention on. And I probably learned a lot from that, and so that's probably the most special, but they're all special in their own way.

Q. What has the week been like in trying to send the message that we need to be back with this tournament?
LOREN ROBERTS: I think it's really sent a good message. The whole community stepped up. This is a major sporting event, and we need to continue it and let the whole community rally around it. I'll certainly do whatever I can, you know, to get behind it and stay behind it, and hopefully things will be good for next year.

Q. Playing as well as did you in this tournament, not only make making the cut, what does it mean for the rest of the season on the Champions Tour?
LOREN ROBERTS: I think it bodes well. I'm going to have a nice little three-week break now. Hopefully, I can get rested with the Senior British and Senior U.S. and make a little bit of a run here down the stretch.

Q. Never say never. Chance you will reconsider?
LOREN ROBERTS: Twenty-five is an awfully nice number. Quarter of century. Pretty nice number.

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