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June 12, 2009

Colin Fleming

Ken Skupski


5-7, 7-6, 10-7

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Commiserations today, guys.
KEN SKUPSKI: Cheers. Thanks.

Q. How do you feel you played in general?
KEN SKUPSKI: Yeah, fine. I mean, these guys are great. These are No. 5 seed here, about top 20, I think.
We gave it our best shot. We played well. You don't go 10-7 in a third-set breaker and come away with it being negative. We take a lot of positives this week. We can compete with these guys day in and day out now, and it's looking good.
We're playing well. It is a shame. It's a shame we've lost. We really looked forward to playing tomorrow. But that's life. You know, you have to take the good with the bad.

Q. Do you feel there was a turning point in the match for you, like a couple of particular points?
COLIN FLEMING: Well, Kubot got really hot with the serve. That turned it. Well, I mean, once they broke us, we still stuck in, played a good game and got to the tiebreak. And it's a bit of a lottery from there. Maybe they just took a bit of momentum.
I wouldn't have said our level dipped. Maybe their level just came up real high at the end. I thought it was a high-quality match the whole way from both teams. The way doubles goes, you can win or lose on a toss of a coin almost.

Q. What were your expectations going into this one? After such a great result, were you thinking...
KEN SKUPSKI: Yeah, I mean, the other day we ran in -- we just wanted to play well. Wanted to put on a good show. I thought we did today. I thought we played well.
As I said, at this level, it doesn't matter who you play against. They're always going to be pretty good. They're always going to be very tough to beat, and we played solid. Just unfortunately one or two points didn't go our way today. That's life, you know. That's life.

Q. Did you feel any pressure playing in front of the home crowd? Obviously you get the support, as well. But then maybe on a double fault you'll get an "ooh" and...
COLIN FLEMING: Pressure playing a match, probably the biggest matches of our careers. Pressure playing any match, but having the home support, it's amazing.
I mean, you could see how we were playing out there and how much energy and how much we were enjoying it. It's great to play in front of a crowd like that, especially when they're supporting you.

Q. It's obviously very raw at the moment, but what will you take away from this experience?
COLIN FLEMING: I think probably an overall feeling that we can belong at this level on a doubles court.
KEN SKUPSKI: We knew we've played a lot of tournaments together now. We know what we're good or bad at. We know where we can work.
But we didn't know how good our games were at the tour level. We knew we'd played the Challengers, we'd won at the Challengers level, won at the Futures level, but you don't know until you get to that level how good these guys are and if our bad side of our game was bad and really bad or our good is really good, but there's areas of our game that we can work on.
We can get better. Our good things, I think, are as good as anybody's, you know. So we've matched up really well against the guys we've played so far. We really believe that we're here hopefully for a while. I mean, we can compete with these guys day in and day out.
The experience has been fantastic to play at Queen's. I mean, I've always dreamed of playing here, and to take down the Bryan brothers and win our first round, as well...
I mean, we unfortunately didn't win today. That is a big shame, but it's something that we'll learn from. We'll get bigger and stronger from it and go on from there.

Q. Do you think you'll still feel a little bit like underdogs going into Wimbledon, you know, with your wildcards even though you had results this week?
COLIN FLEMING: I think on paper we'll be underdogs for a while, because our wildcard rankings are lower than this level of tournament.
But I think we certainly believe that -- we quietly compete. I mean, we know when we play the Bryans that we play them 10 times they're going to win the majority, but we've shown that, you know, we can compete and we can cause an upset.
And we showed today that -- I mean, we're right there for winning that match, and those guys are right -- you know, they're at the top of the game. Grand Slam semifinalists this year, I think.
So, yeah, we're underdogs on paper but we've got a lot of belief to take from this tournament.
KEN SKUPSKI: There's another big week ahead of us next week. I mean, if we can build on the momentum we've created this week, we'll give ourselves a great chance of doing well next week and into Wimbledon.
And it's grass. You know, anything's possible on grass. I mean, it's a surface that -- I mean, if we both serve well, we're not really going to get broken.
I mean, we were one game, one point away today in not getting broken, I don't think. Maybe once. But, I mean, we played great. It's something we really believe we're capable of doing day in and day out.

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