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June 12, 2009

Robert Allenby


PHIL STAMBAUGH: Robert, 5-under par for the day and 8-under for the tournament at the time. We had to blow the horns because of this big storm coming in . maybe a few general thoughts about how you were playing and any highlights for the holes that you did play.
ROBERT ALLENBY: Well, I'm playing pretty solid, pretty steady. I just made my first bogey at No. 6, so that was a bit it of a disappointment because I only had a 9-iron into the green, even blocked it into the trap and drew a pretty bad lie in the bunker, even sort of splashed it out and missed the putt.
But, overall, you know, I'm playing solid, playing really well. I'm making good putts and hitting the ball very solid as well. You know, I'm looking forward to getting back out there tomorrow, finishing it off and then having a good weekend.
PHIL STAMBAUGH: You have a history of playing very well at this course. Anything about coming to Memphis year after year?
ROBERT ALLENBY: You know, last year I lost in a playoff. It's just one of those golf courses that, you know, you've got to hit the ball really well. I think that sets up really well for me. I think you've got to be a good ball striker. There's some pretty tricky holes out there and some holes that you could -- you know, you can go after, and a couple of the par-5s. That's where you can probably make an eagle or birdie and move up the leaderboard.
But, in all fairness, this golf course, you know, you can't underestimate it because, you know, last year I think I started the last round at 1-under par, and I think the leaders were like 7 or 8-under. So 6, 7 shots behind, and then I made up all of that. I think I shot like 4-under the last day to finish 5-under or something. That was in the playoffs.
So you just never know what can happen around here. It's a tricky golf course. Especially if the wind starts blowing, it can get real tricky. It can swirl throughout the trees and around some of the water holes, and before you know it, you can come undone. And so that's why I think it sets up pretty well for me because, as I said, you've got to hit the ball really well, got to be a good ball striker and think your way around this golf course. That's probably why I've enjoyed it over the years that I have come here.
PHIL STAMBAUGH: We'll have a few questions. Just wait for the microphone.

Q. Robert, I would imagine that a few times in your career you've had situations where you can't finish a round, got to wake up the morning and finish it the next day. Can you talk about the mindset, knowing that you have to come back?
ROBERT ALLENBY: Doesn't matter. Every hole is a new hole. Doesn't matter if it's part of the second round or part of the third round. You know, I've got the play that hole regardless, so that's the way I look at it. It really doesn't matter to me. I get up early anyway, so that's fine.

Q. I was going to ask you about the stretch of birdies there that you had, 13, 14, 15, 16. Just talk about what went right.
ROBERT ALLENBY: It went in the hole (laughter). Yeah. Hit some good shots there, and I just -- I made some beautiful putts. I putted nicely. Hit some good shots and, you know, then I continued on with good solid putts. It's funny, I seem to -- so far, anyway, even from last year, I've -- I seem to read these greens quite well.
They're very similar to Florida greens and living in Florida, you know, I guess it helps, you know. I was never really growing -- growing up I was never really a big fan of grainy greens. And coming from Melbourne where it's the sand belt, bent greens, like last week at Muirfield, running at 14, 15 on the stimp meter, you know, you get some of the greens here on the slopes and down grain, they're quick, they're really quick. You can quite easily get 5, 6 feet past if you're not fair careful. Obviously a little bit slower back up hill into the grain. I think I've -- you know, I've started to play well the last couple of years on bermuda greens.

Q. To follow-up on what Greg was asking you earlier, isn't there a rhythm to the golf, however once you get going, you hate to get -- you hate to have to stop, especially when you're in a good rhythm?
ROBERT ALLENBY: Yes, sometimes you like to just continue it and just keep going, but, you know, it's all part of golf and it's all part of weather delays and, you know, I look at it right now as a bit of a bonus because it was pretty hot out there. And so I'll probably look at it as a bonus. To get off the golf course, rest and rest up well tonight and get ready for tomorrow.
Sure, tomorrow is going to be a long day, but that's fine. At least we'll have the morning, nice temperature, finish off the last three holes, and then come back tomorrow afternoon and get going again.
It's really going to depend on, you know, most likely probably go to a 2-tee start for tomorrow, I would guess, because most of the guys have probably got seven or so holes to go for the last group. It will be like a 2-tee start around 11:00.
That's fine. You know, I think the most important thing is that we get done tomorrow.

Q. If the storm blows through tonight, get a lot of rain, what will that mean for trying to go right at the pin and the greens?
ROBERT ALLENBY: Well, it's not going to change my approach because I still -- that's just the way I play. I go at it, every flag, at least that's the plan. Whether it goes in, that's another thing.
But, yeah, I mean, it's obviously going to make the golf course a little softer. Depends on how much we get. They say we're got pretty good-sized hail coming. If it's the size of pennies, could do some damage to the golf course. Hopefully, it won't. Hopefully, everything will be smooth by the morning and we'll be able to continue at 7:00.
PHIL STAMBAUGH: Anything else for Robert? Thank you, sir. We'll see you in the morning at 7:00.

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