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June 12, 2009

Woody Austin


Q. Comfort level with you out here?
WOODY AUSTIN: I don't know about that. I mean, it's a good golf course for me. I like golf courses that, you know, 1, 2-under. Brian was lapping pretty good there for awhile. Golf course that you can stay patient at even par, whereas most of the golf courses we play even par, you're getting killed and start pressing.
I got off to a really good start, and I didn't have to press too hard after that, and I kind of had a really shaky middle of the round where I went up and down, up and down, and finished real strong.

Q. What were the major differences between yesterday and today?
WOODY AUSTIN: Not a whole lot other than the fact we played in a lot of wind yesterday afternoon. Not much wind out there, pretty stagnant and hot. The golf course was there to be had again. The golf course is playing as easy as it can play because of the rain.
The ball is not running out of fairways. The ball is plugging and backing up a little bit on the greens. So we're used to the ball bouncing when this course gets tough, and right now it's not bouncing. So the golf course is playing as easy as it's going to play.

Q. You gained a little and Brian comes back?
WOODY AUSTIN: Like I said, he got off to a good run on me. I said I'll make two birdies and you make three bogeys and I'm only three back.
I'm going to have to play really good because he's playing well. Those were two unfortunates on the last two holes. He had two bad lies in the bunker. He has normal lies, he will probably make two pars. He's playing well, he's putting well, so I'm going to have to not be so inconsistent and play a lot solid.

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