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June 12, 2009

John Senden


Q. 65. Nice start today in breezy conditions in the afternoon. Just a couple highlights about the round and how you played.
JIMMY WALKER: I started off the day and I made two really good -- I made a good par save on 10. I hit in front of the green and had the long pitch to the back. I chipped up there about a foot.
I made another good up-and-down on 12, and then hit a good shot there on the next hole and made about a 15, 18-footer for birdie. Then birdied the downhill par 3 14. Hit a 6-iron on the front. Made about a 25-footer.
So I think -- made a good save on 15, I hit it right, had to pitch out and wedge it up and made that, made about a 10-footer for par there. Birdied the par 5, which was nice, and then made solid pars coming in.
And what else? I birdied 1 and made about a 12-footer up the hill there and birdied the par 5. Hit one about 3 feet there in 3, and then just made a bunch of good pars coming in.
I did get lucky, hit one that looked like it was going out of bounds, clip the tree and came back in, hit driver. I wanted to hit 3-wood, but I ended up hitting driver.

Q. Which hole?
JIMMY WALKER: 7. Got really lucky there to hit an amazing bunker shot. Lucky to make 4. Hit an incredible bunker shot, Top-5 ever.

Q. How close did you get there?
JIMMY WALKER: I hit like, I don't know, couple inches. It was really good, really good shot.

Q. It takes shots like that?
JIMMY WALKER: It does. You need some luck, and I made a pretty poor swing on 7, but I got really lucky and said it and got to make the best of it. I did.

Q. I guess to be around the top on day one, it feels pretty good, a start like this.
JIMMY WALKER: Yeah. I've been playing pretty well the last couple of events I've played. I've been close to playing really good. I had a great week at home last week. Had fun with all the friends and played some good golf, and came out today just kind of expecting to keep going on the roll I've been on. And I've been playing well. So, you know, look forward to keep playing well.

Q. Did you play here last year?
JIMMY WALKER: Yes, I played out here last year in '07. In '07 it wasn't a good year, it wasn't great. I got my card back.

Q. Where is home?
JIMMY WALKER: San Antonio.

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