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June 11, 2009

John Daly


JOHN DALY: Got off to great ball striking. I got off to a great start. I had I 6-footer on 1. I putted the worse I've putted in a long time. I had a 6-footer on 1. 5-footer on 3. Just didn't make them. You know, didn't feel comfortable on the greens today.

Q. You said earlier this week playing on the European Tour that it's different.
JOHN DALY: Play a lot faster greens. I think most of their greens over there are poa, kind of a mixture. You know, I should be better than this. I should do better than this. I just couldn't get my lines up. Missed a lot of putts right. I just haven't been able to -- I hit the ball good. Hit a lot of fairways. I couldn't get it in the hole.

Q. John, talk about your round today, good ball striking.
JOHN DALY: Yeah, it was great. 11, I hit a little seven on 11, that's, with Tim. Both Tims hit -- the wind kind of died down when I hit. Went over a flag and played a good bogey. Just didn't make anything.
I had opportunities first three, four holes, just didn't do anything and the putter really let me down today.

Q. What's the biggest difference in Europe as compared to here?
JOHN DALY: It's not much different. A lot more calmer for the fans, that's about it, but there's not -- this course here, the fairways are so good and the ball is rolling so far it's tough -- you can't hit driver on a lot of holes.
Most of the courses in Europe are the old traditional, just rip it. You always have the option with the driver. You can get in a better rhythm sometimes but all in all I think the only thing that's really different is the weather and the greens. The greens are a little slower.

Q. Fans?
JOHN DALY: Awesome.

Q. Was it a little more special with the home town fans?
JOHN DALY: Yeah, it is. Got a lot of buddies here in Memphis. Tons of people from Arkansas. You know, I just wish I would have putted better. I hate wasting good ball-striking rounds and not getting anything out of it but I'm hoping Rick will watch it and if he can get it tonight and get me through tomorrow -- I'm not hitting my lines.
The good news is I'm missing them right. It's got to be either in the stroke or maybe the putter is too flat. Got to see what he says. Get something done.

Q. Different feeling --
JOHN DALY: I've always loved coming here and getting the five tournaments in Europe under my belt kind of got everything going and, you know, I felt comfortable, felt really good over the golf ball today.
It was a good day. I think we beat the rain and like I said, just made anything today it would have been a lot better round.

Q. How about food?
JOHN DALY: I've got the best restaurant in the world in the Olive Branch.

Q. Talk about the changes you made over the past six months.
JOHN DALY: I had the lap band surgery and I've lost 61 pounds. That's been a blessing. I don't get tired. All the guys are saying, "You used to walk 40 yards behind us. Now you're 40 yards in front of us."
Everybody has been great. The players have all come up, they couldn't believe how much weight I've lost and stuff. For me, I just want to play better golf. I know I can play better and just got to get that putter going.
"Dr. Jesse" is down there, is ready to take on anybody. It's kind hard talking to people with M&Ms on their shirt. You can't eat M&Ms on the lap band.

Q. You look very stylish.
JOHN DALY: Yeah. Me and Larry, we've had a lot of fun with the Loud Mouth Dogs. It's just bright colors, different patterns and something a little different than most everybody else is wearing. We just had a blast with them.

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