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June 10, 2009

Colin Fleming

Ken Skupski


6-4, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. So you were expecting that, right?
KEN SKUPSKI: We expected to come into the court and enjoy ourselves and play well, bring our A game. I think after the slow start, I think we really got into it and we produced our best tennis. You can produce results like this if you play your A game. It was fantastic.

Q. Best of your careers?
KEN SKUPSKI: Yeah. (laughter.)
Yeah, you don't normally beat the Bryan brothers every day. It's one of them things, you watch TV when you're young and see the Bryan brothers. They play in every tournament in the world, and you think, wow, I'd love to be there playing with them guys or playing at that level.
Unfortunately today it's our first chance of playing at this level, and we've taken them down. I'm speechless, to be honest with you. It's great.
We've got a job to do. We're still here. We've got another day tomorrow. I don't know if we play yet, but we're excited.

Q. Did you have an inkling of the Wimbledon wildcard before Monday, as well? What a week it's been.
COLIN FLEMING: Well, we knew the criteria to be top 500 combined, so we knew we met that. So we were pretty hopeful. And we also knew that for two Brits playing together we'd have as good results as anyone. We didn't know for sure, but we were hopeful.
But it's not really something we've been thinking about. We have just been playing week to week and trying to do our best.

Q. How nervous were you guys at the start of the game today?
KEN SKUPSKI: I wasn't as nervous as I expected going onto the match, onto court. Actually, when I hit my first second serve of the match and Colin nearly had his head taken off, that sort of opened up my eyes a little bit to what to expect.
It took me back for the first service game. My service percentage was a little bit too low. Against these guys they take advantage, and they did in game 1 on my serve. I think from 3-Love, I think Colin made a couple of big returns. From my perspective, it changed the match. It put them on the back foot a little bit. They didn't really know too much about us. We brought our A game from there on, and the result took care of itself.

Q. Are you trying to force your way into the Britain's Davis Cup team?
KEN SKUPSKI: Well, he's already in it.

Q. As a doubles player, of course I know that.
COLIN FLEMING: Well, events like this, I put Davis Cup in that bracket at the top level of tennis. That's where we want to be. I guess it's where everyone wants to be.
I don't know how we go about forcing -- maybe we get aggressive with John Lloyd or something. (laughter.) No, we just go and win as many matches as we can. If we can do a bit for Great Britain, then we will, because it's a great opportunity. I've been lucky enough to do it once.
KEN SKUPSKI: I'd like to do it because it's in my hometown, Liverpool. That would be fantastic for me.
Colin took part in the last Davis Cup in Glasgow, and he told me exactly how it was. It was something I'd like to be a part of.

Q. The reason why I say forcing, is because John likes to bring three singles player and one doubles player. If you keep beating the Bryan brothers and players like that, it's why I say you'd have to make John think, my goodness -- you've given him a nice problem.
COLIN FLEMING: I mean, it's a tough task. There's two good doubles players ahead of us from Britain. But maybe, like I say, what we have on our side, is that we're both from Britain and we play together and we play well.
I guess if you want to pick a pair that's been playing regularly together, then we'd be the choice. The only thing we can do to make that likely is just keep doing what we're doing and hopefully keep it going, especially on the grass where we've got some good opportunities.

Q. You're sort of hinting at it there, but it's all about having individuals who are higher ranked than yourselves. In doubles, surely being a partnership...
KEN SKUPSKI: Yeah, it's something you'd probably have to ask him, why he'd prefer that. I know he's said he's preferred to have singles guys, but Colin plays singles, as well. I mean, one of us can maybe take part in the singles.
I've decided at the beginning of the year to play doubles, and my ranking's improved a lot since then. We just have to wait and see. We've got to keep going this week, next week, the week after. I mean, there's a long way before September.
But if we can keep producing these results, we're giving ourselves the best shot to get in that team. And it would be nice, because I think one of the guys we play in the next round might be part of that tie, Kubot.
It will be good to test ourselves against him. If we have a good result against him and see what he's made of, then we could potentially help ourselves there.

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