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June 10, 2009

Andy Murray


A. MURRAY/A. Seppi
6-1, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. That was pretty impressive stuff. Were you in a hurry to get back and see the football?
ANDY MURRAY: I wasn't, no. (laughter.)
Yeah, I started the match, you know, very well. I played maybe one not-so-great game on my serve, and apart from that, it was very good. I returned well.
My serve could have been a little bit better, but I was happy with the way I moved and didn't make too many errors.

Q. 9 out of 10 performance?
ANDY MURRAY: I don't know. Yeah. I played well. I was happy with the way that I played. I don't think Andreas played his best match, but no, it was good to get a comfortable start.

Q. How did you arrive here? I know you're not traveling on the Tube.
ANDY MURRAY: No, I took one of the tournament cars.

Q. The events of the French Open, how much of a bearing, if anything, do you think that seems to have with a shape-up for Wimbledon?
ANDY MURRAY: I don't think a whole lot has changed. I mean, I think Roger and Rafa going into the tournament were going to be the two favorites going in. You know, Rafa I think has a slight edge in their head to head lately. You know, mentally he's won two very long, tough matches against him last couple of times he played in the Slams.
But, you know, both of them are going to be incredibly difficult to beat. I don't think that's changed a whole lot. Roger has made so many Grand Slam finals and semifinals, you know, last few years. You know, everyone had kind of have been saying all along that he was starting to slow down a bit, but in the Slams he's still being incredibly consistent. I always expect him to play well at Wimbledon.

Q. You'd expect Rafa to play?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah. I mean, I'd be surprised if he didn't. I mean, I'm sure his knees are not good. He likes to play a lot.
You know, he obviously won here last year after he won the French, so he obviously wouldn't have missed this event if he wasn't, you know, 100% ready physically or mentally.
You know, I think he'll come into Wimbledon, you know, with not as much match practice but with the same belief that he can win the tournament.

Q. Have you ever felt better coming onto the grass?
ANDY MURRAY: I mean, I've had long periods to practice for the grass the last few years because obviously I hadn't had a great run at the French. You know, like my momentum I had sort of at the start of the year because I had won a lot of matches, I continued that. Not to the same level on the clay, but I still won matches most weeks and played a lot of matches, whereas maybe I wasn't coming into the grass court season as match-tight as I would have liked.
But this year, yeah, I feel match-tight; it just might take a few more matches before I start feeling my best.

Q. Rafa and Roger obviously are going into Wimbledon without any competitive grass court play. I mean, how would you feel going to Wimbledon without playing any grass court competition?
ANDY MURRAY: Well, I mean, there is basically one week, really. I mean, very few guys that I think feel like they're going to compete for the title at Wimbledon play the week beforehand.
You know, it's such a quick turnaround that regardless, I think, of whether you play a tournament or not -- you know, Roger didn't play last year in Halle and still nearly won the tournament.
You know, for me, ideally I'd like to play a few matches on grass before Wimbledon, but if not, this is very different, you know. The clay court season, which is a bit longer, you've got five, six weeks, you know, to get ready for the French; whereas here, there's pretty much ten days you've got.

Q. Any chance of you going to Eastbourne?
ANDY MURRAY: I wouldn't have thought so. You know, I'll probably try and get as much practice on the courts at Wimbledon there. You know, all of the grass courts are slightly different, you know, but I'd quite like to sort of stay close by and, you know, sort of do a lot of fitness in the early part of next week to make sure I'm feeling in my best sort of physical shape going into the tournament.

Q. You already feeling excitement of Wimbledon looming, or can you put that out of your head until you're finished with this tournament?
ANDY MURRAY: I mean, I guess, you know, obviously I want to try and play my best here.
You know, like I said, I'd like to play as many matches as possible going into Wimbledon, because it's such a quick turnaround. But just to concentrate on this tournament, it's not like -- there has been such a quick turnaround from the clay in comparison to the last few years that, you know, I'm just playing, not thinking about, you know, what tournaments are coming up or whatnot.
It's just taking every match as it comes. That's what I've been doing the whole year and not worrying about the upcoming tournaments. I'll worry about Wimbledon when I'm finished here.

Q. What do you know about Garcia-Lopez?
ANDY MURRAY: I don't think I've ever played him on the tour before, but he won his first tournament just before the French. He won -- he's had a couple of good wins here, Muller he beat today, won the junior Wimbledon title, so, you know, he's a tough grass court player.
But like I say, I've never played him before, so I don't know what he's like to play against.

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