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June 10, 2009

Tim Herron


TIM HERRON: My rookie year I got sponsored by Target, so they kind of got me involved in the Target House. Now I'm no longer with Target. It's kids, and kids being sick, it's pretty hard to just walk away from something like that.
I've still stayed fairly involved with Target House, still know the people that run it, know some of the kids that are there. Try and do something a little special every year or just something to make them not think of what they're going through.

Q. You were there yesterday?
TIM HERRON: Yeah, we were there. I'm with M&M's. We decided to get -- actually it's a big M&M guy. The kids loved it. We took pictures with M&M, handed out some candy, made them feel good for at least a brief time.

Q. You've been coming here a couple years. This year the field seems to be as strong as I can remember it in a while. Is this a great warmup for next week?
TIM HERRON: Yeah, I think so. It's two different -- totally different grasses. You've got to hit some quality shots here and play well. It's not going to be quite like a U.S. Open, but this has become a very difficult golf course.
It's a fairly good warmup. Of course, you'd want to play something that's similar, with the grasses. But guys are going to adjust, so... I think it's a decent warmup, yeah.

Q. How does this course fit your eye and your game?
TIM HERRON: Well, I mean, I've been playing it I think 15 years. Now it's become a very difficult golf course. When I first came, it was 20 something under to win the golf tournament. While they made it Bermuda, it made it a much more challenging golf course. No, I've always come pretty much because of St. Jude and Target House.

Q. With your interest in that, have you kept an eye on the sponsorship situation with this tournament in the last few months?
TIM HERRON: Well, a little bit. I just think it goes both ways. I think we need this golf tournament as PGA professionals, but also the town does, St. Jude does. It brings the community together.
So I don't think anyone here really needs to panic. I think eventually you have a great -- FedEx is a great company. I'm sure they'll step up and try to do their part, too, to keep it around or find something.

Q. You're paired with John tomorrow. Are you looking forward to that?
TIM HERRON: Yeah, sure. I haven't talked to him that much. I just briefly talked to him yesterday on the putting green. Yeah, it will be interesting. The golf course is difficult. Yeah, hopefully we'll have a good time. Tim Clark is a good friend. We'll have a good pairing. Hopefully we can all get some momentum from each other, all of us play well.

Q. What do you think about John coming back? He's had a makeover, some time away.
TIM HERRON: What, a Hollywood makeover (laughter)? I don't know.
No, good for him. I mean, at least he's thinking positive, in the right direction. You know, wish him the best on I guess positive thinking. You know, it's funny, people still love him, fans especially. People are still talking about John, which is good. So he's still good for the TOUR, good for the community.

Q. Why do you think people love him so much?
TIM HERRON: I think a lot of people probably see themselves in him, I guess. He's kind of a regular guy that made it playing golf, you know, a Southern guy. He made it playing golf. They probably see a lot of themselves in John.

Q. Do you see the state of his game or will you be more focused on your own game tomorrow?
TIM HERRON: No, I'll be focused on my game because I got a lot to focus on. He's playing better, so that's good for him. He's finished second in Europe. He's going to have some positive things coming out of his life right now, so that's good.

Q. With the rain this course has gotten over the last month, have you noticed it lengthening this golf course?
TIM HERRON: Well, this golf course is a lot harder when it plays firm and fast. But right now, the conditions are about perfect. If we get a lot more rain, then we'll probably see it playing a lot longer. Maybe you'll be able to go at more pins.
Last few years I haven't played the greens where they're soft. I think we need probably over an inch to really soften it up.

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