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June 8, 2009

Joshua Goodall


G. MULLER/J. Goodall
6-3, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Question of missed chances and opportunities?
JOSHUA GOODALL: Yeah, and again, I mean, I have been in this situation a few times now where I'm giving myself these chances and I'm not taking them. I mean, he served pretty well today.
I mean, there was a couple times he hit four aces in a row. But still, I'm giving myself break points and set points. I'm just not taking them.

Q. Any reason for that?
JOSHUA GOODALL: I don't know. This isn't a level I'm playing at regularly. I mean, in Challengers, Challengers and especially Futures, if you get your break points and if you get enough of them, then they're going to make an unforced error.
I think at this level you have to win the point. I think if I can keep on getting myself in these sort of tournaments, then I think eventually I can get over the hill and then get used to it.

Q. You must be pretty pleased you can take the world 95 to a tiebreaker.
JOSHUA GOODALL: Well, not really, because I felt I should have won the second set. I was 6-3 up in the tiebreak. I'm not playing unbelievable tennis. I still -- I still haven't won the set, so now, I mean, I felt I should be winning that set. I don't really look at his ranking.

Q. Is that a missed opportunity for you?
JOSHUA GOODALL: Yeah, definitely. I mean, obviously I respect him. He's top 100 in the world. At the end of the day, you don't look at rankings when you're on the court. You're playing -- you're just playing with a tennis ball. I had the chances to win this set, and then who knows?

Q. Is it especially disappointing coming off performing so well in Nottingham?
JOSHUA GOODALL: Yeah, I played really well last week, actually. I mean, I didn't play as well as I did last week, but I still -- that's still, you know, you can't expect to go onto the court and play well every single time. I didn't today, but I still had the chances.

Q. What's it going to take, do you think, for you to get to that level where you do start taking these chances?
JOSHUA GOODALL: I don't know. I mean, I have a couple more tournaments, a couple more chances. And other thing is at least I'm giving myself these changes. It would be a bit more worrying if I wasn't even getting these chances.
I think maybe I'm going for it a little bit too much, more than I have to go for. Well, I mean, hopefully I can turn it around. I think it's just getting over this little hump and then I'll be off.

Q. Is it a question just trying a bit too hard?
JOSHUA GOODALL: I'm thinking maybe. I don't know. Maybe I want it a little bit too much. Maybe I should just naturally let it come.
These guys, they can sense it if you're not on it. They're not going to hand it to you.

Q. I know you're going to improve all around, but is there still one thing you think lets you down against other players?
JOSHUA GOODALL: Well, I've just spoken to my coach now, and I think we both feel that my footwork can get a lot better. Physically I'm pretty fit. I'm in good shape.
I think my like small steps around the ball and being a little bit sharper can definitely get improved. I didn't serve as well as I normally do today, although I did in the tiebreak.
I gave myself a chance with those set points, because I served well in the tiebreak. But generally, throughout the whole match, I didn't serve great.

Q. Did you have three or four set points in that tiebreaker?
JOSHUA GOODALL: I had four set points in that tiebreaker.

Q. What's your immediate schedule now?
JOSHUA GOODALL: I'll take tomorrow off. I've played like 10 days in a row now, match-wise. Then I'll get back practicing on Wednesday.
Then I think Wimbledon wildcards are announced today. I think; I'm not sure on that. Eastbourne, as well. Who knows? I don't know if I'm going to get a wildcard for that or not. But obviously those two are in my schedule.
Then Newport, I think I'm going to go to Newport over in America and come back for Manchester. Pretty much play all the grass court tournaments left.

Q. (Indiscernible.)
JOSHUA GOODALL: Yeah. I mean, last week I got the furthest out of all of the Brit players. I was playing pretty well.
I don't think I put in a terrible performance today. I'm showing I'm taking -- well, I'm showing I'm getting chances, so hopefully they can give me another opportunity.

Q. Are they announcing them today?
JOSHUA GOODALL: I think so. Normally they announce them today.

Q. Will you be disappointed not to get one?
JOSHUA GOODALL: Yeah, I would. Yeah. Obviously if I have to qualify, I have to qualify. I've done that before.

Q. You're afraid you've done enough?
JOSHUA GOODALL: I think I've done enough, yeah.

Q. Is grass still your favorite surface?
JOSHUA GOODALL: Yeah, I think outdoor hard and grass, yeah, are my favorite surfaces, obviously. I have been serve/volleying a lot recently, but today -- normally the first day at Queen's, the courts are quite slippery.
I mean, it was too difficult really to serve/volley today. There was too much dew on the court.

Q. He served a lot of first serves as well as aces that made it difficult for you to get into the rallies?
JOSHUA GOODALL: Yeah, he's got a great serve. He's got a great serve. I mean, there's not a lot you can do.
When I was speaking to my coach after the match, I think there were too many times where I just stood still. I mean, he's saying, At least have a guess, because hopefully you can guess 50% of them right. And I'm not even giving myself that chance.

Q. Who is your coach?

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