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June 7, 2009

Jim Furyk


Q. Jim, when you started today, did you have an idea what you wanted to shoot?
JIM FURYK: Not really. Actually, I did tell my caddie we probably needed to shoot -- for the 10th hole, I said we needed to birdie 4 of the last 8. Birdied 3 of the last 8 and lost by one. So it was a good guess.
At that time, Jonathan was also, I think, 10, and there was a whole bunch of guys piled up. A lot of guys went south end of the round today except for Tiger. My hat's off to him. Birdieing the last two is pretty special. Those pins weren't in easy spots, and I hear the one at 18 was about nine inches when it came back to us. I don't know where he made it on 17.

Q. Nine feet.
JIM FURYK: So birdied the last two and hit them both, that's how you win golf tournaments.

Q. How about your game today?
JIM FURYK: I played well. You know, if I had to go back, and there was probably two shots I immediately regret. I played hard today. I hit the ball really well. I hit a lot of good putts. I'm actually proud of the way I played.
I cleared the rest of the field by two or three shots and just didn't beat one guy.
I'm disappointed, obviously. It sucks finishing second. But I said that earlier in the week in my press conference. It's no fun, but, you know, he played better. 65 today, 7 under par on those greens. The conditions we dealt with, pretty spectacular.
You know, for me, errant drive on 9 where I had to chip out and made bogey. The putt at 15 I got so locked into the line, and I just hit it too hard. I hit it right through the line. Hit a good solid putt, hit it right down the line I wanted. Just hit it through the break.
That one hurt. Still had my opportunities for the win.

Q. Jim, after Charlotte and the players, Tiger wasn't really himself in those last rounds. Do you feel that there was like a vulnerability about him, or was that it?
JIM FURYK: I wish you'd all quit piecing him off. That's about all I have to say about that. Wish you'd just quit chapping him so much and make him come back and keep proving stuff.
I don't think -- you know, Tiger woods is always Tiger woods. He can't be 100% every week, but I'm sure he answered a lot of questions today.

Q. Do you walk away with a confidence level now that maybe you didn't have coming in going into the Open?
JIM FURYK: I was pretty confident after -- I've been playing well the last couple of months. I didn't have my ball striking with me last week. I still ground out at tee 9 and hit the ball a lot better today. And this week. And I had a lot of confidence in my game. Felt good about today. Felt like I had -- you know, I really felt like I had a chance to win the golf tournament. That's what I woke up anything. Thinking.

Q. Jim, how did you feel about the consistency of your game throughout all four rounds?
JIM FURYK: Very good. 7 under for the first two days and 4 under on the weekend. Obviously, today was difficult. The greens dried up. I hit some good shots. I hit the shot at 17 was a really good shot. Got the spin to hold that green at times. I just didn't hit the perfect golf shot. I flew it maybe four or five yards too far.
I feel good about my game. I have a lot of confidence. Bethpage is going to be a tough test. I'm anxious to see the setup. It wasn't set up very well for me last time we were there. Didn't play very well. It will give me a challenge and try to get back there and not get whooped on like I did last time.

Q. Jim, how hard is that to do, knowing you've got to make four birdies going in and you made three? How hard is it to have that mentality?
JIM FURYK: Didn't seem so hard after I birdied the first two. The last six didn't make a birdie. Had a good opportunity at 15, but 14, I'm hitting a putt from probably 12 feet that I'm aiming about four feet left of the hole and hit about a three-foot putt. I didn't match up the break and the line. At 15 I just hit it too hard. My speed was really good on my putts all week. That's why I putted so well. That's why I made a bunch of putts and gave me an opportunity to go in.
Sometimes you fall asleep on the line. I hit a good solid putt. I looked up thinking it was going to go in and didn't realize I hit it that hard.

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