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June 5, 2009

Moira Dunn


JASON TAYLOR: Would you mind going through your scorecard.
JASON TAYLOR: You started on the back. You had a birdie on No. 12.
MOIRA DUNN: No. 12, I was pin-high, probably about 12 feet.
JASON TAYLOR: Birdie on No. 14.
MOIRA DUNN: 14 is probably about the same. A 10- 12-footer from below the cup.
JASON TAYLOR: What did you hit?
MOIRA DUNN: 5-iron there.
JASON TAYLOR: Eagle on 16.
MOIRA DUNN: 16 I had a 4-iron in. I probably hit it about 15 feet behind the pin.
JASON TAYLOR: Another birdie on 18.
MOIRA DUNN: 18, I had 5-iron in, and it was about four feet.
JASON TAYLOR: Then birdie on No. 3, par 4.
MOIRA DUNN: No. 3 I hit 7-iron about 16 feet behind the pin.
JASON TAYLOR: Excellent. Thanks for coming in. Not a bad day for you. You ended up 9-under par after two rounds of play, which puts you one stroke back of the lead heading into round three. Talk a little bit about the day you had.
MOIRA DUNN: I was lucky, I made a couple pars, got it going. Made those two birdies early on the back. Then the eagle got me through in the mix, because they'd only gotten to 10. Birdied 18. Tried to keep making birdies on the front. I only made one. Maybe got a little windier out there, but it wasn't too bad. I was just trying to get in there. Would have been nice to get to 10, but that didn't happen.
JASON TAYLOR: 9 is not bad.
MOIRA DUNN: No. I'll take it (laughter).
JASON TAYLOR: Questions.

Q. Tomorrow a chance to be going out with the leaders. Does going with the leaders amp you up? Would you rather play later in the day? What is your mentality going into tomorrow?
MOIRA DUNN: You know, it's been a while, to be honest with you. I played well at Sybase. I was pretty close to the lead, within a few groups. It's fun. This is why we do it. This is why we're out here. You want to be out there, get in the mix, see what you can do.
It will be fun. It will be fun to be there on a weekend and see what happens, just keep playing the way I'm playing. Hopefully that all works out and my game keeps going.

Q. You eagled 16. I think there were 16 eagles there today. I think only one yesterday. How did it play for you? How were the conditions different today where it made that hole vulnerable?
MOIRA DUNN: Well, it was a slightly different wind. For part of the day yesterday, I played that late, but for part of the day it was pretty chilly yesterday morning. I don't know how reachable it was for everybody yesterday morning.
But it was a front left pin, which is probably the toughest pin, tucked behind that bunker. So it's not really accessible yesterday. Today it was back middle or back right. It's a much more accessible pin. Even if you go over the green, you have a chance to chip it in. It was definitely a much more accessible pin today.

Q. Yesterday it was cooler, maybe a different wind. Overall the entire field, the scores were a little lower. What conditions were maybe more favorable today?
MOIRA DUNN: I think it was just a milder day overall really. Ideal temperatures. Real mild wind. Nothing too serious to contend with.
The course is in great shape. You give somebody those conditions and that course, people are going to shoot some scores.

Q. You said this is the first time you've been in this position in a while midway through. You had a week off last week. Did you do anything special, good feelings come into this week?
MOIRA DUNN: You know, I've been working a lot on my game. I got to see my coach at Corning. My coach is in New York. I'm from New York originally. I think it's a little bit of carryover from a lot of work. I didn't do a whole heck of a lot last week with the conditions. I was in New York most of the week. It was a little chilly. But just trying to build on things from Sybase, working with my coach. Things are kind of rolling now, which is nice.

Q. The fitness aspect of it, are you a workout nut, somebody that spends a lot of time on that?
MOIRA DUNN: I wouldn't say I'm a nut. I enjoy it. I do work out. I have a trainer. I have a program. I work out two to four times a week, you know, depending. Here last year might have been twice with the heat, just not to stress it out. Here this week it might be four times because the weather is so much nicer. Just not overdo it.
But I enjoy it. I think it's helped my game. I've done it for quite a while. I think it's really allowed me to stay in the position I am where I hit the ball over the years. I've been out here now for 15 years. I haven't seen too much loss of distance, really any loss of distance, but have been able to even gain distance with the equipment and stuff with staying fit I believe also.

Q. What percentage of the tour do you think is devoted on a similar level to you?
MOIRA DUNN: I would definitely say a majority. I couldn't give you really an exact number. But I would definitely say a majority. I think there's really been a drive for this and people have seen success from other people. You can't leave it out. I really don't believe that.

Q. You mentioned last week you worked with your coach. Kris Tamulis mentioned you work with him, too.
MOIRA DUNN: His name is Herb Moreland. I worked with him for my whole professional career. When I turned pro, I worked with him right before. I've worked with him for going on 16 years now.
He's great. You know, I mean, I have to definitely credit him for a lot of my successes. It's really helped me build my game. We've never really stalled. Just tried to keep building the game as I've gone through my career.

Q. The club he works out of is in Albany?

Q. He works with a very wide range of golfers, pros.
MOIRA DUNN: He's a working pro. He runs the club, the golf part of the club, and he teaches. He earns a lot of his income from teaching. He has to be there to teach.

Q. She felt like she wouldn't be where she's at without him. You worked with him for your whole career?
MOIRA DUNN: My whole career, just before I turned pro. I turned pro right after I finished college. He was there working with me before I went to Q School. I've worked with him ever since.
He's like my older brother, who plays golf, and teaches me golf, really.

Q. The field here this week, the LPGA next week, a good field, various factors. Being in contention among a field like this, is that any more significant to you? Do you look at it that way at all?
MOIRA DUNN: I really don't. I know the caliber of play out here. You know, really it's tough to explain the sponsors, but you have 150, 200 girls, they're the best players in the world. No matter where you go, really anybody can win. There is a lot of great players out here. It's wonderful that they have this field. Springfield deserves to have this field. Every tournament deserves to have this field. It's great that we do.
I think when it comes down to it, there's names and then there's just golfers. There are a lot of great golfers out here.

Q. Probably teeing off late tomorrow. What is your routine like tomorrow morning or midday?
MOIRA DUNN: You know, that doesn't bother me. I don't have a problem sleeping (laughter). I'm a pretty good sleeper. We do that every week. You play late and early one day, flip-flops quite frequently. You kind of get used to changing your schedule. You figure out what you need for sleep and stuff like that. Just try and keep everything as familiar as possible, not get too caught up into it.
JASON TAYLOR: Thank you.

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