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June 5, 2009

Robert Rock


Q. The day was going well, 5-under par through 13 holes, and then what happened?
ROBERT ROCK: I felt myself taking less and less time over the shots, and I was getting quite comfortable, but then I hit a few that were a bit careless to be honest. I lost concentration, very poor 3-wood off the par 4 into the water, and then it didn't cross the hazard. So left myself with a bit of a tight spot really then, so I made double there.
Then a dreadful shot on the next. And it just slipped away a little bit, so annoying, because everything was feel quite good at that point, but a little lapse in concentration, and it's easy to do that. So you have to try and start again after that.

Q. Chatting the other day about the slow play thing and you've been shown some videotape and made you aware you wanted to quicken up.
ROBERT ROCK: I play quicker when I'm just a bit more comfortable with my setup and my takeaway. Sometimes my grip feels really awkward and this makes me stay over the ball a bit longer, which I don't like. Today everything felt okay, so it was just a bit easier but took it a bit too far I think.

Q. Having that poor spell of holes, you bounced back with a couple of birdies; how much of the form you've been in recently gave you the ability to bounce back that well?
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, you don't feel quite as fed up with it. You've had a good run and can't always work great for you. I know I was playing all right, so whether it was the end of this round or tomorrow, I'm sure I was probably going to hit some decent shots. So it wasn't really something to worry too much about.
It was just from Ireland, there was a shot in particular on the last few holes that I took a long time to play, and I knew it at the time. I wasn't comfortable when what I was trying to do and couldn't work the wind out. I had bogeyed the previous hole so I was just trying to calm down a bit, and then it was particularly over the time, so try not to do that.

Q. Was there a referee around at the time?
ROBERT ROCK: No, I was just comfortable with how I was playing and tried to keep going at a decent pace. When we got to the next leaderboard I was relieved to see that I had not put myself four or five behind at that point. May still be but for this morning, it's all right.

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