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June 5, 2009

Colin Montgomerie


Q. Yesterday you said you had encouraging signs; what's the verdict today?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Similar. To start off well, I started birdie, birdie, birdie this morning which was great and got me on the leaderboard, which was, God, different. And then I sort of played, okay. Nothing wonderful. But it was encouraging. Yes, of course it is. Two 69s around here is okay. Nothing wrong with that at all, and give me a chance to do quite well over the weekend.

Q. Have you been inspired by The Ryder Cup buzz?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I think so. I think so. I think that you look at positions and you look at crowds and you look at the feeling of the whole thing, and of course you're playing the same golf course, and yeah, of course you do. You get excited. There's a definite buzz around the place, yes.

Q. Is it nice to have the competitive juices flowing? As you say, you're in contention.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yeah, it's nice. I've been sort of 30th, 40th. And when you are in the Top-10 as I am right now, of course it is, it's great.

Q. What are your thoughts now for the weekend?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Just to do as well as possible, to try and get four decent round. As I said yesterday, I've been getting two and three good rounds, but not putting four together. So at least that's another one and we can build on that.

Q. Second successive round in the 60s, which is always going to be a pleasing stat, is it?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: It is. It's positive. I think that as I said yesterday, that I need to get four rounds together and two 69s is a good start, and we can build on that for tomorrow and I look forward to tomorrow's round now.
Yeah, I do, I look forward to the weekend, we've got great support and I look forward to playing.

Q. Is patience perhaps the biggest problem in many respects when you know that you want to elevate your results, just staying -- to use the psychologist's cliché, in the moment?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Oh, that is deep. You are talking to someone -- that is deep. I've never been in any moment at all. But I think so. I think patience is a key in any sport, especially ours. It's a long day, a long game, and patience, if you are patient, you're always going to do better than the ones that aren't.
I was pretty patient today. Although I got off to a flyer, got off to three birdies in a row to start with, and, okay, just sort of build on that. And I was quite happy to finish 69 to be honest.

Q. Do you feel you have an advantage in the sense that you've always sort of played week-after-week after week; whereas often players just sort of do three weeks and then disappear off?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I think so. I've often found that strange, I really have. I think my record is 15 in a row way back when. And I think I do; whether I'm playing well, I want to keep going, playing well. And if I'm playing badly, I'd rather play my way out of it rather than sit at home and worry about it and think about it or go to a range and work on it. I'd rather find my faults or what's going right on the golf course.
This is my sixth event in a row and I'm having a break after this one. But I do find that sometimes strange even with the younger guys to take sort of one, two weeks off after a couple of weeks and then come back to it, and there's got to be some rust. I'm not saying rust in a playing sense, but rust in a competitive sense. I feel it's quite strange sometimes.

Q. Just in terms of The Ryder Cup, have you gleaned any kind of edge; you're obviously going to be here for the weekend and it looks very much as though Corey is going to be stuck with just two round here?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yes, I heard he was 2-over. I think that's a reasonable performance, to come over jet-lagged and play a course he's never played before. I think it's a very, very long, big golf course, this, and but as I said, it's nothing to do with us. It's to do with the 24 players that we have got to deal with come 2010. That's okay, and I wish him well, and I'll see him next year.

Q. The way you played that back nine, you must think that you're pretty well equipped now to tell your players how the course should be played.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yeah, I played the back nine well, came back in 32 with two bogeys. So that's okay.
It's nice that I am competing to show some sort of form; to say, as you so rightly say, to have some sort of idea of what's going on. But they know that. So it's not a problem.
I just look forward to playing over the weekend, as I said earlier on, I'm very comfortable here and I think the crowd is super. I'm very comfortable in that environment and look forward to playing over the weekend.

Q. You said you're inspired by The Ryder Cup buzz.

Q. In what sort of way does that transmit itself? Are you feeding off crowds? Are you hitting it that couple of yards longer?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I'm just enjoying myself actually many I'm enjoying what I'm doing. And I've always been a believer that if you enjoy it, you're quite good at it. It's something that I've got to instill in the team, you know, that enjoy themselves and be comfortable, and I am here. And I've got to get that across.

Q. You said at the PGA, The Ryder Cup becomes a 24/7 thing; is that the case?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: It is the case, yes, very much so. Especially in the heat more than any, but at the same time, very much it's taken over most of my thoughts and most of my time, yeah, which is super. That's what it's supposed to be. It's the greatest honour that we can have, and it's now my responsibility to do it properly.

Q. Corey said he's going to take himself off and do some sightseeing if he's not playing. Any tips?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Well, I haven't saw any sights myself around this area. I wish him well. No, I'll be busy trying to win The Wales Open this particular weekend.

Q. You're off next week, there's no tournament; do you have a complete week off, ever?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Okay, I'll tell what you I'm doing next week. You want to know what I'm doing next week, this is my week off: I've got two days, two company days to do, one at Loch Lomond and one at Turnberry. Then I leave for Morocco over the weekend to open a course with King Hussein; and then back again with The European Tour and then I'm going to the IOC in Lausanne. I'm go going to fly to Geneva and speak on behalf of the Olympic Committee to do with trying to get golf in the Olympics. And then I'm back and I've got to go to France, to Paris to speak in the Vivendi Trophy because I'm sort of overall captain of that.
By the time that's done, I think that will do me for a week off.

Q. No wonder you play so many tournaments, it's easier.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I'm very, very busy. Not just when I'm here, but when I'm at home. Home, my God, where's that? That's the week. Very, very busy.

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