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June 5, 2009

Simon Dyson


SIMON DYSON: Teed off this morning, it was a cold wind for the first few and I managed to get it around, parred the first and then kept plugging along and made a nice birdie at five. When you're that far, and you're like 3-over and you know you have to make a good score, you need to make a birdie before you make a bogey. So luckily, I did.
And then gave myself a couple of good chances after that, and didn't manage to make anything and knocked it on in two on the 11th, and then eagled that, rolled it in. So then you're back to level and you kind of get going, and yeah, everything was pretty good after that. Birdied the next.
Bogeyed 14, but it's a tough hole, very tough hole. I was on the fairway but I blocked it right into the bunker and made a meal of it, but managed to hole a good putt for a 5. Then come back with three straight birdies. Very pleased.

Q. The way the leaders are fall backwards and the way the weather seems to be turning, from that awkward position overnight --
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, I know. I don't know what it's going to be like this afternoon, but the forecast wasn't good. Looking at the skies, it doesn't exactly look good, either. You never know. There's a few guys still up there, but put myself in through the weekend now which is nice.

Q. You've had these aches and pains over the last couple of months, are you fully fit now?
SIMON DYSON: It's all good. I mean, it's weird, yesterday I was so tired, and I hit some really poor shots, really tight shots, having had like 11 hours kip the night before, and 11 hours kip the night before, and I was tired. Then all of a sudden I get six hours kip last night and best I've felt for like two weeks.
It's weird. So I think I'll only be having about six hours kip tonight. It's weird. It doesn't make any sense at all. You rest to get yourself rested up for the week ahead, and it just makes you worse and then you have six hours thinking you'll be tired and it's the best I've felt for a fortnight.

Q. What did you knock in at 15, 16, 17?
SIMON DYSON: 15, I hit drive into the left bunker and hit a good shot to three-foot and rolled that one in.
16, I hit driver, 5-iron to about five feet and knocked that in.
And then 17, I hit 6-iron to about ten foot, 12-foot and rolled that in. So, yeah, nice.

Q. Nice to complete the set on the last.
SIMON DYSON: It would. I hit a good drive. I hit a decent second shot, just a bit right and went down to the bunker and played a really good bunker shot to about 12 feet and hit a really good putt. I thought it was in, and it just dived a bit left which I didn't see. But very pleasing.

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