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June 5, 2009

Steve Marino


Q. You're in pretty good position. Like where you're at after two rounds?
STEVE MARINO: Yeah. You know, I feel like I'm playing pretty well. Hit a couple loose shots out there. Didn't make as many putts.

Q. I noticed it was a little more windy out there, at least it felt like it. Did that make it more difficult today?
STEVE MARINO: I think it did. I'd be really, really surprised if you see anybody shoot 64 again. That's for sure. But the greens are so pure. If you get a hot putter out there, you could -- you know, 68, 67 would be a real good score.

Q. Is it drying out pretty well out there?
STEVE MARINO: It is. It's getting faster. The greens out there I thought were a lot faster today.

Q. Really? Did you get any roll off that fairway?
STEVE MARINO: Little bit, yeah.

Q. What did you like most today with you? What were you doing really good today?
STEVE MARINO: Just like my attitude, my patience was good. In the front nine, I had three or four holes in a row where I had inside 12 feet for birdie. I didn't let it bother me. I just kept plugging along and just kept playing.

Q. Are these the best greens that you guys have seen?

Q. Talk about that, will you?
STEVE MARINO: They're unbelievable. If you hit a good putt, you're going to make it pretty much if you read it right. They're like glass. They're so fast, and they're so smooth. It's literally like putting on a pool table.

Q. Steve, you talk about the greens drying out. Is that the only reason the course was tougher today.
STEVE MARINO: I think it was a little bit windy today, more windy. That and just the fact the greens are a little faster. They're drying out a little bit. Some good pins out there.
I think it's going to continue to get tougher and tougher throughout the week.

Q. This course in particular, I mean, the greens, everything, is this from a manicured -- from a whatever, where does this course rate with you?
STEVE MARINO: As far as like --

Q. I mean, just everything. The whole package, total package.
STEVE MARINO: It's up there. It's definitely -- you know, you could have a major championship here, that's for sure.

Q. Talk about your attitude and your patience and everything. Have you always had such an even keel playing? Or has that been a problem?
STEVE MARINO: Not when I have a bad attitude.

Q. But you were able to shake off --
STEVE MARINO: Most of the time, I'm a pretty easy going guy. You know, when I start to get a bad attitude and I start to get upset out there, I know I need to go home for a week or two.

Q. I guess playing well, as well as you have the past couple weeks also helps with that?
STEVE MARINO: Absolutely. And also, if playing well is a product of having a good attitude and thinking well out there.

Q. What about the pin placements today? Anything notable about them?
STEVE MARINO: They got a couple tucked in in some corners. They're pretty good. I mean, you got to hit good shots to get close to them. That's for sure.

Q. How long did it take you to get over last Sunday?
STEVE MARINO: Not long, no. I did the best I could, you know. What are you going to do? Steve Stricker won in the playoff. You know, I've got to move on to this week.
It was obviously -- you know, it would have been awesome to win that tournament, my mom being from there. I had a real good chance to win it. It just didn't work out for me.
I was pretty bummed about it for a little bit but not that long. I got over it. It's in the past.

Q. Was your family there that night? Did that help?
STEVE MARINO: Yeah, it helped.

Q. What's been kind of the constant the last couple of weeks as far as your game is concerned?
STEVE MARINO: Just my driver. I've been hitting my driver really straight and hitting my irons for the most part pretty solid. I've been a little sketchy with the irons this week. That and also I'm putting better. I mean, I'm making a lot of putts, like six, seven footers and stuff.
You know, before I was -- you know, I felt like I should have been up there in contention in a lot of tournaments, but I wasn't making the putts I needed to make.

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