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May 20, 2009

Chauncey Billups


Q. Are you guys discouraged or encouraged by last night's seemingly outplaying the Lakers but still coming up a little bit short?
CHAUNCEY BILLUPS: Well, there are no moral victories at this point in the season. We're disappointed that we lost the game. I thought we played good enough most of the game. Didn't close out.
But we're disappointed but we're looking forward to having an opportunity in Game 2.

Q. Challenged them defensively in the first three quarters, Nuggets pretty well, of Kobe Bryant. What are some things you had to do in those first three quarters?
CHAUNCEY BILLUPS: We had to show them a lot of different bodies, different schemes. Unfortunately, we got into the bonus a little too early in the fourth quarter. And we just attacked, attacked, got on the free-throw line. They got points that way. But that's just great recognition for them.

Q. Did you guys learn anything watching maybe (indiscernible) guard him in that previous series?
CHAUNCEY BILLUPS: No, we didn't take nothing from that.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
CHAUNCEY BILLUPS: Well, I don't know. I think probably just watching it over, I don't think that Melo got the touches that he probably should have got down the stretch. Did great the whole game, but had his hand on the ball too much. And that's probably them denying and putting two people on him. It's a little different. It would never be a problem for me because I'm bringing it up the whole time. But they're denying his catch, bringing a guy over on the backside, can't lob over the top. Making it hard for him. But he's our best player. He needs to get his hands on the ball late in the game.
Free throws is I think where we really lost the game. We missed 12 free throws. We were attacking the basket all night. So we're most of the times going to shoot a lot of free throws. And we got to be a little more serious about that.

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