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May 20, 2009

Chris Andersen


CHRIS ANDERSEN: Not really. It's really not that tough. You expect to play good defense against somebody like that. And you already know he's going to get some calls. So you can't really let it frustrate you too much. You gotta keep playing defense and playing through the whistle.

Q. Is it something you guys have to keep Kobe on the line, in the field?
CHRIS ANDERSEN: I don't know about that. Rather have him taking a tough 2. That percentage is probably a little bit lower than his free throws. But how many times did he go to the line, 14? He made 13 of 14 shots.

Q. Why is he so how tough to defend; you have a better perspective on that than I do?
CHRIS ANDERSEN: He's a world-class player. He can go either way, go left, right, has so many moves in his package. And I mean he's a great player. So with that type of style that he plays, it's tough to guard him because you can't really say force him left because he can go left, can go right. The way he likes to go is right. Force him to go left, he can go left. Tough to guard him.

Q. Does the bench need to do more for you guys to win this game?
CHRIS ANDERSEN: Does the bench need to do more?

Q. Score more. Be more assertive, in your mind.
CHRIS ANDERSEN: Yeah. I guess you can say we need to put up more points. But, I mean, it was the first game. I thought we did pretty well. Got the jitters out now.

Q. Speaking of free throws, I recall the days where you couldn't hit a free throw in the light. And all of a sudden you're hitting everything. What changed for you and how can it change for everybody else?
CHRIS ANDERSEN: I did used to hit free throws, by the way.

Q. Once every three or four months.
CHRIS ANDERSEN: But remember I had thumb surgery and wrist surgery, tough to shoot free throws. But over the past few years I've worked on my shot a lot and my free throws. So I've got it back. And, you know, I knew it was going to be a big game and real important to hit free throws. So I made it stick in my mind that I was going to hit on my free throws.

Q. As the team knows, you can sit here, shoot free throws all day, but you've got to be in the moment.
CHRIS ANDERSEN: Yeah, but it's just like working on your game. If you go to the free-throw line, work on your free throws, it's going to happen. You're going to get fouled and you're going to go to the free-throw line, so you have to work on those as well.

Q. I don't recall seeing Kobe get his shots blocked like he did last night. K-Mart threw it to half court a couple times. I think you got one of them?
CHRIS ANDERSEN: I didn't get one of them.

Q. Is it getting easier to get to his ball, or it's just because he attempted 40 shots or whatever?
CHRIS ANDERSEN: No, I think it has a lot to do with me coming in the game. They know I'm a shot blocker. But when I leave the game they kind of tend to forget that Nene and Kenyon are well capable of blocking shots and Melo as well. So when they really try to drive to the basket, they tend to forget those guys are still down there. And they'll definitely let them know they're there and they'll put it, like you said, half court.

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