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June 4, 2009

Tim Dykes


TIM DYKES: I'm Welsh as you probably know by now, but I've been playing the Challenge Tour the last few years, a few European Tour events as well. This is the first time I've ever been offered an invite. It was nice to come down and play.

Q. When did you know you were playing?
TIM DYKES: Monday night, about nine o'clock or half past nine, something like that, I got a phone call. I was on my way to Austria to play Challenge Tour this week, and quick u-turn and came down on Tuesday.

Q. What's it like playing with the big boys, I suppose?
TIM DYKES: It's good. It's really good. I mean, it is a step up, but you've got to play the same golf. All of the big boys play their game. They don't play anybody else's game. That's the thing you've got to learn. You don't try and do anything special.
People won't tell you, they only see the good shots; they don't show the bad shots, and that's the thing, isn't it. You've just got to play your game and enjoy it. You know, they don't give you an invite if they didn't think you could play. That's the nice thing about it, I suppose.

Q. Your game was obviously good enough, very good opening round. You must be delighted?
TIM DYKES: Yeah, I'm absolutely delighted. I played well. As my caddie, Sam, put it, we had a lot of chances. We played well. We thought it well. We didn't play anybody else's game. We played my game and we played the course as we saw it and we tried to hit it in the right spots. We hit some good shots, holed a couple of putts, missed a couple of putts.
Yeah, good, solid round of golf. There's nothing spectacular, nothing silly. We just did a lot of things right, yeah.

Q. When you started this morning, is your first target making the cut and now you come in with this score, is it making sure you can challenge on Sunday, is it?
TIM DYKES: Yeah, but as my coach shouts as me when I talk about making cuts, as far as he's concerned, you never try to make a cut. You are there to play a tournament. You are there to play your game and see what happens, because as soon as you start trying to do that, you're negative, and you can't do that.
You've got to go and play your game and see what happens. Sometimes it will come off and sometimes it won't come off. That's why you practice. You just have to make yourself better and be positive and play. You hit your shots in the practice round and hit them on the course.

Q. Any pressure now that you're the leading Welshman in the Wales Open?
TIM DYKES: I don't think so. I don't think so at all. My dad has come down to watch me, and wanted to have a good day. We are going to go have some lunch now. Not at all. I don't think there's any pressure. It's what I do; it's what I want to do. It's what I want to be good at. It's the same as any job, isn't it. I know a lot of people out here, really, one way or another, and you know, most people you've never heard of before, so you can't have pressure from that, can you.

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