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June 4, 2009

Steve Marino


Q. On 11 of 18 greens but only 23 putts.
STEVE MARINO: Yeah, like I was saying, I was missing a bunch of greens on the back nine and hitting great chips to tap in. I didn't have to sweat too many three-par putts. I made some good shots off the putt and made some birdies.

Q. Best opening round here. It's got to feel good.
STEVE MARINO: Absolutely. This tournament is awesome, and I'm really looking forward to the next couple of days.

Q. Is there some scoring out there to be had?
STEVE MARINO: Yeah, it is. With all the rain we've had the last couple of days, it kind of softened things up. It's kind of dry now and windy, and I expect the course to dry out pretty fast and be tougher and tougher as the days go on.

Q. How daunting is it that before you go out you see a 64 on the board?
STEVE MARINO: I saw it, but I didn't really pay attention to it. That was a hell of a round. I wasn't really expecting anybody else to put up a score like that. I just wanted to go out and do the best I could. I'm real happy with that.

Q. What was working for you today?
STEVE MARINO: I putted real well today, and I chipped real well. I was kind of sketchy a little bit on my first nine holes, terrible shots. Made some great chips to save par. On the front nine I started to hit a little bit better.

Q. A lot of players have been saying that, the putting is their number one strength today. They've been attributing it to the fast greens. Is that true?
STEVE MARINO: Yeah, they're perfect. If you're stroking it good, the ball rolls so true out here. It is the best green you'll ever see. If you're stroking it well, you'll make the putt for sure.

Q. How hard is it to come back after losing last week's playoff, how hard is it to come back?
STEVE MARINO: No, not really. It's not that hard. I'm just excited about playing. I'm playing well. It definitely sucks to lose the playoff, but that's last week. We've got a whole new week this week and a great golf course and a great tournament.

Q. How about Monday morning?
STEVE MARINO: It was gone. I had a few drinks on Sunday night, blacked out and forgot about everything.

Q. [ Inaudible ]?
STEVE MARINO: Exactly. I was real proud of myself. Proud of the way I played, the way I handled myself. You know, it's not like I could have putted the ball and it could have been my turn. It wasn't, and I'm over it.

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