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May 25, 2009

LeBron James


Q. LeBron, cheap shot supposedly happened last night. You guys -- have you looked at it, first of all?

Q. Still think it was a cheap shot purposely?
LeBRON JAMES: It is over and done with now, you know?
Mo's -- his eye is definitely sore, and it is hurting pretty bad. But we are going to move on from that. It happened last night. It's not why we lost the game, so it is not something we are going to harp on.

Q. Retaliation now?
LeBRON JAMES: No. For what? We are just trying to get wins.

Q. Mo said last night you guys are giving the Magic too much respect. What do you think about that?
LeBRON JAMES: Well, I think we just got to ramp up a little bit. It is a very good team, we know that. Defensively we just got to try to take responsibility and take pride in guarding the guys on us, first, and rely on help, second. That's the defensive team we have always been.
They got a really -- they got some really good players personnel-wise. We got to buckle down a little bit more.

Q. You have obviously played harder games against Orlando. They have won 10-14. Why do you think they have been so successful against you guys?
LeBRON JAMES: I don't know. Like I said, they are a very good team. You know, we can't worry about, you know, teams winning 10-14. We got to worry about Game 4. If we harp on that, then it will not get us anywhere.

Q. (Indiscernible).
LeBRON JAMES: I think he will be fine. I'm fine. I'm excited about Game 4. As long as I stay upbeat, we got a chance, of course. So I'm confident and I'm sure the rest of the guys are confident.

Q. Mo said you got to get some more help. Do you think that's the biggest key to this? How do you talk to him over the next 24 hours?
REPLACE NAME: Mo just has got to do all he has done all year. That's to continue play hard and continue to make shots and take a lot of pressure off me, take a lot of pressure off the rest of the guys.
He has done a great job of doing that, and he hasn't shot the ball exceptionally well like he's capable of doing in this series. But he's due. You know, Game 4 would be the perfect time for him to come and take some pressure off me and the rest of the guys on the team.

Q. He just guaranteed winning the series about five minutes ago.
LeBRON JAMES: He should. We should be confident about winning this series. There is no reason why we shouldn't be here. A guarantee or you say you want to win the series, same thing.

Q. How much pressure is on the team and you to win through the night?
LeBRON JAMES: I don't believe in pressure, man. We got to come out and play hard. It is a very good team. We know that. We got to do it on both ends. And if we do that, we'll give ourselves a good chance.

Q. It is the time of year when teams should be peaking. It seems like you are struggling. Sasha doesn't play Game 1. Varejao plays 2 and 3. Are there question marks?
LeBRON JAMES: Definitely our bench is -- I can't put a lot of pressure on our bench because they haven't really got a great opportunity to go out there and perform, so it is hard to say our bench isn't producing.
I think when they get an opportunity to come in, they play pretty well. Our bench is key because I think on the other end, their bench is definitely coming in and giving them a big boost and we need it. Our bench has have been strong for us all year. When they come in, they need to do a good job, which they have done when they got the opportunity.

Q. Charles said he didn't think that this crowd here at halftime was much of an intimidating crowd at all in the NBA. Do you agree with that?
LeBRON JAMES: For me, I don't -- crowd is not intimidating to me at all. It really doesn't matter to me.

Q. Do you believe in adversity?
LeBRON JAMES: Of course, adversity happens. That's how you overcome and become great. You are going to face adversity throughout life, in basketball and off the court.
So this is an adverse time for us, but it is not the end of the world. We're looking forward to Game 4.

Q. LeBron, you have been focused on getting a championship all season. What is it like for you right now when you are down in the series --
LeBRON JAMES: I'm not down. We're down 2-1. It is not like the series is over at all. Sometimes you face a situation in a series that you may not want to be in before a series even started but it happened.
It is not like the series is over. We are looking forward to Game 4. It will be really fun.

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