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May 26, 2009

Chauncey Billups


CHAUNCEY BILLUPS: I think our effort, we played really hard the first three games, but I think that our backs being against the wall last night, after blowing a good opportunity in Game 3, we just came out and played harder than we've played pretty much the entire playoffs.
So that's why you get the effort plays that we got. Out-rebounding a great rebounding team the way we did is all effort.

Q. Talk about J.R. Smith's play last night.
CHAUNCEY BILLUPS: J.R. he was awesome. You look at the plays he made in the first half. He carried the team. He carried the team. He got the ball around to everybody. He got into the gaps and he had opportunities to score. If not, he kicked it to somebody else who had a great opportunity to score. He was awesome the whole night.

Q. Have you guys gotten any word whether Dahntay is going to be suspended? If he is, how that affects the team?
CHAUNCEY BILLUPS: We haven't heard anything. I'm sure we'll hear something yea or nay some time soon today. But Dahntay is a big piece of our puzzle. He starts the game off for us with a very focused defensive mindset that we love and we feed off of.
He's been playing great. He's been playing great for us. So hopefully we don't lose him. But if we do he'll definitely be missed for the short time, whatever.

Q. Did you think, Phil Jackson said he tripped Kobe last night. Is that what you observed?
CHAUNCEY BILLUPS: I didn't see the play. I really didn't see the play. So I don't know. So I'm sure they've seen it a few times. I didn't really see the play.

Q. Chauncey said three-game series now what's the mindset going into the next three games against LA?
CHAUNCEY BILLUPS: One game at a time. One game at a time. Try to win the best we can. Try to win the game. No matter where it's at. Play the same way, with the same effort. We feel like we can be victorious. But we gotta be extremely focused especially being on the road.

Q. Are you still playing with a chip on your shoulder as a team, because it seems like coming in everybody's focused on LeBron and Kobe getting into the finals and all the hype and media around that. How do you handle that?
CHAUNCEY BILLUPS: We don't really worry about that? We're worrying about ourselves and not what everybody else is talking about. We're worrying about ourselves and us having an opportunity to do something special. And we pull our motivation from just us having an opportunity to be special nothing else.

Q. Do you feel like you get the respect you deserve as a team?
CHAUNCEY BILLUPS: I think so. I think so. At this point there's only four teams left in the world playing and we're one of them and we're playing real well. So I think we're getting proper respect. You gotta earn your respect in this league in order to win.

Q. Are you getting a lot from the media? Do you think they're still focusing too much on LeBron and Kobe?
CHAUNCEY BILLUPS: I mean, that's just how it is. It's a star's league. That's how it is. But everybody can't play for them, you know what I'm saying? It's only 15 guys that's on the court. And the two locker rooms, the only two people that can win the game. Nobody else cares what everybody else want. You gotta try to go out and get it for yourself.

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