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May 26, 2009

Chris Andersen


Q. J.R. Smith, you've known him for a long time. Are you proud of him, is that a word you could describe for his performance?
CHRIS ANDERSEN: Of course. I always knew he could perform like that from the first time I played with him down in New Orleans, when he was a rookie and the way he's performed especially this year. It's just exciting to be a part of it.

Q. What's the thing that he does? Is it bird flapping, the chicken, when he moves his arms up and down?
CHRIS ANDERSEN: What are you talking about?

Q. J.R. Smith?
CHRIS ANDERSEN: I don't know what you're talking about.

Q. When he goes like this?
CHRIS ANDERSEN: I don't know what that was (Laughter).

Q. You didn't see it when he was celebrating?
CHRIS ANDERSEN: I didn't see that. I seen whenever he was doing his 3-ball celebration.

Q. He said last night that maybe his showmanship could possibly irritate the Lakers. What do you think?
CHRIS ANDERSEN: I don't think so. If you're going off like that, I think you're much well deserved to do those types of celebrations. So I don't think it should irritate them at all.

Q. Is that kind of what this team is, just feeding off of each other, feeding off the excitement?
CHRIS ANDERSEN: Exactly. Everybody's excited. Everybody's stepping up to the challenge and performing at their best level.

Q. What's it going to take to walk out of LA with a win?
CHRIS ANDERSEN: The same thing we did last night. Rebound, push it up the floor. Like Chauncey being smart with his decisions. I mean, what he did last night was incredible. He definitely was a big-time leader on the floor last night.

Q. Do you guys still see yourselves as the underdog?
CHRIS ANDERSEN: Underdog, no. Not at all.

Q. Do you expect them to be much more aggressive tomorrow?
CHRIS ANDERSEN: Well, of course. But that's just more of a challenge for our bigs to step up and outperform them.

Q. Were you surprised that you guys have been able to dominate, particularly last night, outplay them?
CHRIS ANDERSEN: No, I wasn't surprised at all. After that loss in Game 3, we watched a lot of film and that was one of our main focuses was to try to get the rebound so that way we can do our running game. Our best offense is our defense. Rebounding is a big part of that.

Q. Your rebounding edge, how much do you think that had to do with the fact that they might be a little fatigued, especially their bigs having gone through a tough series with Houston?
CHRIS ANDERSEN: Exactly, they've been playing every other day since May. We've had our break and the advantage to heal our bodies and get ready for the Lakers.
So we're starting to get back in our rhythm where we were at when it all started.

Q. Is that something you guys are trying to play extra into, too, the fact they've played a lot?
CHRIS ANDERSEN: That's what we want to do, rebound, push the ball up the floor. Make good decisions on our shot selection. Tearing it up that way.

Q. How big is tomorrow's game; the winner being only one game away from the Finals? You guys, if you win, could close out at home. How big is tomorrow?
CHRIS ANDERSEN: It's enormous. I mean, that's why we're here. We're going to watch the film. Fill in some of the areas. Take all the good from what we did yesterday and apply it to our game plan for tomorrow.

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