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December 4, 2004

Gary Barnett

James Garee

Joel Klatt

Terrence Wheatley


MODERATOR: We now have Colorado here. Coach, if you would make opening comments and maybe give us some impressions of the game and then we will take questions from the floor.

COACH BARNETT: Well, I think there is no question our team is embarrassed by our performance. We were inept at best. We played a very, very good football team, and we were just not prepared to play that team today. We sort of survived this year by being the best team on the field for three hours, and by far we weren't even close today. They played the game the way it's supposed to be played, thought that they just took it right at us, and especially with the defense. We really struggled with the pressures. Not much to say, other than give them a great deal of credit and accept the responsibility for poor performance on our part and get a mismatch like we did today. I know we are young, but we are not using that as an excuse and won't use it as an excuse. We played poorly today in a venue that we needed to play great. We just weren't able to do it.

MODERATOR: We will take questions from the floor. If you will, please, put your hand up, we will get the microphone to you and ask that you identify yourself and your affiliation, please.

COACH BARNETT: You guys are too kind.

Q. Terrence, looking at White and looking at Peterson, are these guys that you could see either one of those guys winning the Heisman this year?

TERRENCE WHEATLEY: Definitely, White, each one was on. He caused every slip or a second too slow with the catch. Peterson, I have never seen a guy that big, that strong, that fast. He just had a great day, both of them did. We just didn't play well. It's on us.

MODERATOR: Question over here on right-hand side. We will get the microphone to you right there.

Q. Joel, what were they bringing to you and where were they bringing guys from?

COACH BARNETT: The tremendous job mixing up their looks, played extremely fast as a defense. We didn't do anything, we didn't block well, flow well, didn't run well, didn't do any of the fundamentals the way they are supposed to be done, especially at a venue like this. This is not the way that we wanted to come out and play, obviously, but give a lot of credit to them.

JOEL KLATT: Like Coach said, they are a tremendous football team and I am sure they are going to do some damage here on the 4th.

Q. Talk about the challenge that Mark Clayton presents covering once he has the ball bringing him down.

TERRENCE WHEATLEY: It's a tremendous challenge. His routes are unbelievable. He will block you. He is just a play-maker. Today he made some big plays and there is nothing much you can do but kind of hope for a little help. He made big plays today.

Q. Coach, did Oklahoma show you anything that you hadn't seen or was this a matter of execution?

COACH BARNETT: No, nothing a lot new. They brought a little different, one blitz that we hadn't seen before. We sort of figured that we would see some -- a lot of pressure, especially in light of their Texas game, but we just didn't block it. We several times missed guys completely as they came through, we had the ball knocked down three or four times. We really wanted a foursome on 8, 9, 10-play drives, and that's what we did, and they were able to stay in and execute that long. We weren't able to give our defense any rest at all. That was really, really a tough day on our defense.

Q. Gary, is that a team, Oklahoma team, that you think deserves to play for the national championship?

COACH BARNETT: I don't think there is any question about it, but we hadn't played all the others, but we sure played a good one today, complete team. Playing them last year and playing them twice the year before, to me, they are much more complete team than I have ever seen.

MODERATOR: Incidentally, some of you are concerned about taking notes, can't pick up on your audio recorder. We have two people taking the notes on a verbatim basis and they will have the final notes and quotes in exactly the words that are being used. Next question.

Q. Coach, if you have already addressed this, I apologize. Would you talk about Jason White and his performance tonight.

COACH BARNETT: Well, Jason was able to really sit back and just about do whatever he wanted to do. I was really impressed with both he and Peterson and their offensive line. I thought they really did a nice job. Like I said, he has a complete package there to work with, but he was very, very accurate, seemed to run the show, do everything he wanted to do. They are really good.

MODERATOR: Coach, it looks like you got off easy. Best of luck to you guys.

COACH BARNETT: We have to go look at the highlights. That won't be very easy.

MODERATOR: Best of luck to you.

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