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May 28, 2009

J.R. Smith


J.R. SMITH: Start moving the ball. Force a lot of turnovers. I think we'll do a better job with helping Chauncey out. Running more efficient plays and just stop turning the ball over.

Q. Can you continue to double Kobe with other guys hitting them?
J.R. SMITH: You can't. They got a lot of weapons out there. You double Kobe and everybody else starts hitting. It's something you can't do.
Just going to have to try to play them best one-on-one and make them beat us.

Q. What about changing? Is that what you're going to do?
J.R. SMITH: I'm not really sure. We just watched the film and didn't really come up with an objective as a team yet. I would hope so.

Q. When the other team has those kind of games, makes --
J.R. SMITH: Definitely. Anytime Marvin plays big, you know it's going to be ugly. You've got Kobe playing good. Trevor Ariza is playing unbelievable. And Lamar comes in with that kind of night, especially with their bigs, that's tough.

Q. This is the first time in the playoff series that you guys are facing an elimination possibility. What's changing mentally for you guys, what are you going to have to change? What do you have to focus on?
J.R. SMITH: Just eyes on the ball. It's a must-win. It's either we win and go to Game 7 or we lose and go home.

Q. Last game at home you were aggressive, not only looking for your shots, but penetrating and dishing out the ball. How important do you think it's going to be for you to establish yourself like that?
J.R. SMITH: It's going to be huge. For some reason I tend to play great at home. Try to do the same thing. Get penetrations. Hopefully they start sending two or three guys at me again and I can find my teammates.
But, unfortunately, I couldn't do that yesterday.

Q. Did they guard you differently or what made you less able to get in the lane?
J.R. SMITH: It was a little different because they're long and they're great athletes, so they tend to play off of you a little bit and deflect the shot.

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