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May 28, 2009

LeBron James

Mo Williams


Cavaliers – 112
Magic - 102

Q. I know you had mentioned throughout the series that you guys had a matchup, that the Orlando Magic pretty much matched up very well with you guys and it has been a challenge throughout this series to get ahead. What did you guys do tonight to win by at least ten points?
LeBRON JAMES: We covered the three-point line really well today. They killed us from the three-point line last game making, 17 3s, and the whole just great shooting team is 32 percent from the three-point line was to our benefit. We had a conscious effort of getting out to their shooters. If they were going to make some, they were going to make it over a contested hand. It worked to our benefit.

Q. LeBron, you guys shot the basketball extremely well tonight. But the one thing I liked about it, you got back to getting stops at crucial times in the fourth quarter. How big was that?
LeBRON JAMES: That's what we make our mark at, man. We got to find a way to get stops down the stretch. We haven't done that throughout this series until tonight. In Game 1 we gave up a 3 to Rashard Lewis when we was up two.
In Game 4 we give up another 3 to Rashard Lewis. That's when we made our mark at it all season, man, by just clamping down in crucial situations throughout the course of a season and throughout the course of a game, especially in the fourth quarter. We finally did that tonight.

Q. Mo, how big was it for you as an individual and as the team to get off to a quick start?
MO WILLIAMS: It was huge. It was huge. We have been talking about all series taking pressure off LeBron, and I think it's key for me and Delonte to be aggressive. On top of that, make shots, too, and try to keep defense on us.
You noted when we started going out iso, guys started to stay at home a little bit more and gave him more room to operate.

Q. LeBron, you had a streak in the fourth quarter where you were either making or assisting on every field goal. What were you doing to facilitate out there?
LeBRON JAMES: Just take what the defense give me. When my guys make shots, it makes it a lot easier on myself because they're -- now it allows me to go one-on-one with a defender. They can't help as much. And when they did help, they knocked down three-point shots and Andy got a one-handed layup. That's what I need from my guys.
I don't add no more pressure on my teammates, but they know we're a very strong team when they knock down shots.

Q. You talked about being ready for this game mentally and this is the kind of situation you thrive in. Talk about your mental approach in the fourth quarter and what was going through your head.
LeBRON JAMES: Just close out. We was down one to start the fourth and I knew coach was just going to -- it was win or go home at this point, so I knew I was going to play the whole fourth. Just wanted to -- my guys, they had made shots through the first three quarters, so I knew it was going to be an opportunity for me to probably press the gas a little bit on the offensive end. And they continued to make shots in the fourth.
I always feel like myself individually I can always get going any part of the game.

Q. You guys started out it was 32-10 at one point. They went on a ridiculous run of 43-20. The peaks and valleys, the huge runs -- you expect runs, but why have there been such big runs by both teams in this series, especially here at the Q?
MO WILLIAMS: Simple. Simple. Two good basketball teams. Just like we went on a nice run, they can do the same thing. So I think that's -- we haven't seen that a lot throughout the season. So first couple games, when it happened, we was kind of shell-shocked. We kind of held our heads and we was kind of looking for answers.
But now it's here, this is a damn good basketball team over there. When we make runs, you still got to stay composed. You still got to compete. When they score, let's get the ball out, let's go. We got to worry about getting stops when they count, and we did that tonight.

Q. LeBron, you were able to get the ball a lot in the fourth quarter right at the top of the key, having not used a dribble yet. Is that something fairly new you put in? And what advantage is it for you to have that where you can already shoot the ball or do what you want?
LeBRON JAMES: That's key. Something that as a unit players and coaches we came up with, trying to figure out a way we can try to exploit their defense with all our shooters out there.
And having a live dribble either at the top of the key or free-throw line is key for myself and for our team because now it adds a threat of me jabbing, jabbing, taking a shot or getting to the paint and either taking a shot for myself or creating for my teammates.
So any time you are as dangerous as I am or the best guys in this League and you have a live dribble, it makes you that much more dangerous because they don't know what you are going to do.

Q. Mo, what was the difference for you tonight? You obviously had a struggle with your shot in the first four games. Tonight you really got it going.
MO WILLIAMS: It was no different. I approached the game the same way I approached each and every game. I put a lot of pressure on myself as a basketball player. It was no different tonight. I think the difference was I made shots.

Q. LeBron, you guys offensively, how much of a conscious effort did y'all make to make sure the ball kept moving rather than it getting stagnant and you kind of doing everything?
LeBRON JAMES: That was huge. I mean, that defense is very good when you allow the ball to just stay on one side and you just dribble and dribble and now you are getting down to five seconds on the shot clock and now you got to try to race and get up a good shot.
By Mo and Delonte and also Daniel coming and pushing the ball up the court and getting us into our sets early, it allows us now to be comfortable with now attacking it with ten on the shot clock instead of five.
Getting the ball moving against this team is key.

Q. LeBron, you obviously started off on Hedo in the fourth quarter, forced a 24-second violation. What do you have to do defensively on a guy like Hedo to really keep him from dictating action?
LeBRON JAMES: Hedo is an all-star in my mind. You look at their team, you can say they have four all-stars with injured Jameer and Rashard and Dwight. Hedo is -- him and Rashard, they are clutch players they have. Just try to take the challenge.
At this point it's -- you got to just take the challenge, man. Especially when you are on your last leg, you just got to take the challenge, and I did that.

Q. Dwight fouled out again tonight. You stated before the series began that you were still going to try to take it to him. Has that been the one consistent factor that you continue to have success, taking it right to him?
LeBRON JAMES: That's what I do. I attack no matter who is in the paint. No matter what's going on, I just try to attack. Even though I know he is a defensive player of the year, you just got to try to attack a guy like that, man.
He is very good with space. If you allow a guy like that to get space, then he is able to jump and create and block shots. That's how he gets a lot of his weak side blocks and coming across and blocking shots. If you don't give him much space, you hit him, make contact with him, it is tough for a guy like that to get off the court.

Q. Do you think he might be off his game a little bit thinking about his technicals?
LeBRON JAMES: I don't know. I think Dwight was just in here, like, five minutes ago. So I don't know. (Smiling).
I'm good.

Q. LeBron, the sense of urgency that you guys played with tonight, was that something that was maybe missing earlier in this series because of the way the first two series was won for you guys?
LeBRON JAMES: I think we started out the first two games with a sense urgency. They just made a run and we weren't able to slow it down. They just caught us off guard.
At this time, either you win or you chill at the house, you are playing with the kids a lot. You sit back and watch the finals. Something I envisioned. I signed up to play for a long time in the series and this season. There is always a sense urgency when you are on the brink of elimination. Thanks.

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