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May 31, 2009

Gary Orr


Q. You played extremely well out there. It was tough conditions.
GARY ORR: Yeah, a bit scratchy to start but I played well the back nine. I hung in there pretty well. It was tough going because the greens were drying out and wind was picking up, so just a case of hanging in there.
I looked at the scoreboard a couple of times and guys were going back and. I saw Stephen Dodd had finished at five, and see if I can beat that and see what happens. I made a couple of birdies and I hit a decent second shot on 14 but the wind moved it and got a difficult high and holed a good putt there.

Q. When you chipped on, that must have been a turning point.
GARY ORR: Yeah, I could easily have made a bogey there, got on down there. You know, it was a tough day. You just battle away and do what you can.

Q. Standing on 18th green, you see what the scores or on the board when you have that putt, what was going through your mind at that stage?
GARY ORR: I was thinking try and make it and get it to the hole at least because I would rather rush it five feet by than miss an inch short. I had a decent enough putt.

Q. Overall for the week, how do you assess?
GARY ORR: It's a good week. I played well and it was tough coming down the stretch, tough holes, and I hit decent shots, and got up there when I had to. Hit a good shot at 16. A bit unlucky, released to the back of the green and was six inches short right in the middle. So that was good. I played well. I was pleased the way I played.

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