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May 31, 2009

Stephen Dodd


STEPHEN DODD: Disappointed but at the same time, it's probably as tough a finish as you'll get anywhere. But it was nice obviously to get in that position.

Q. You never know, though, do you, what could happen the next few hours.
STEPHEN DODD: I'll hang about here and watch a bit on TV and have a bite to eat.

Q. You had a good week, and on the back of last week.
STEPHEN DODD: Yes, it's slowly improving. Still not happy with the way I'm hitting it, but the short game is pretty good, and that's key I think.

Q. Surely you didn't think you would be playing.
STEPHEN DODD: Yeah, that's a bonus, as well, isn't it. I went home Friday night.

Q. Worth the drive back again.
STEPHEN DODD: Yeah, worth the drive back, yeah.

Q. Birdies?
STEPHEN DODD: I made one on 12, the par 5. I hit a good pitch from 70 yards to a foot or two.
Did the same again on 16, the par 5. Holed a nice putt for birdie, probably 20, 25 feet.

Q. Did you look up then to see you were joint leader?
STEPHEN DODD: I was looking all the way around anyway. Like to know where you are. It's quite important to know what you need to do. So, yeah, I always like to know where I'm standing.

Q. What was the problem with the chip on the last?
STEPHEN DODD: Well, it was a lot of fringe grass to go over and it was quite quick down the slope. Didn't actually think the ball was there when I finished. I thought it was on the green. So it was a bit disappointing to find it there.
But all in all, it's been an encouraging week again, so I feel like I'm going in the right direction.

Q. Going to Wales in the right direction, as well; home next week.
STEPHEN DODD: It's not going to be much of an advantage, I've not been to the course last week, so I don't know the course any better than anybody else, but at the same time, it's nice to get some home support which sometimes is a shot or two.

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