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May 30, 2009

Pablo Larrazabal


Q. What happened on the par 3?
PABLO LARRAZABAL: 4-iron, I pulled it a little bit and the wind take it to the back of the green to the bush. I take a drop. I had no drop, so I tried to take a drop in the path. The ball moved a club and a half again to the bush. It was in play, but I had a shot left-handed, tried to play it, third shot.
The fourth shot, I hit it into the bush again, take a drop again. Try to drop it again in the path, next to the bush, I putted left-handed and next to the green, chip short and 2-putt. That was a good nine. I made nine feet for nine, so could be a ten. So it was a good nine.

Q. Has that happened to you before?
PABLO LARRAZABAL: No. No, on a par 3, I make 6s, I make a lot of 5s, but you know, it's a game. Sometimes you need to get yourself a nine, and I hope I go out first tomorrow, play an hour and 40 minutes, 18 holes, beat the course record, the how fast you're playing 18 holes, and let's see next week, trying to work for next week, you know.
I'm hitting the ball good, putting good. I couldn't make a putt today. I make a 9, so 79 is not that bad a score to how I played.

Q. And at least Barcelona won.
PABLO LARRAZABAL: Yeah, maybe the best week of 2009.

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