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May 30, 2009

Soren Hansen


Q. You were going like a train at one stage out there, finished with a couple of dropped shots, but nevertheless a great round of golf; give us a sense of how conditions are out there.
SØREN HANSEN: They are pretty similar but the wind is not as cold as yesterday. Yesterday afternoon, it felt chilly, and today is more constant, but it is definitely difficult, especially the last few holes. 18 is still brutal.
I don't know, as you say, I got on a run, and all of a sudden, I holed a few, and then, yeah, it was a great round. I'm a little bit disappointed but the last few holes on this golf course is just brutal. The wind is straight across, and on the last few holes, and then you have 18, which is straight in your face. If you miss your tee shot on the right, you've got to hack it out sideways, and if you miss it left, you're dropping.
So it's an incredible finish to a good golf course.

Q. Was the wind increasing as the round went on, or was it easier to start with?
SØREN HANSEN: Definitely easier to start with but it's been decent all day. Maybe picked up a little bit. But yeah, I think it's one of my better rounds definitely, but I think it's a little easier than yesterday.

Q. What would you say is a satisfactory score for the leaders teeing off in the conditions they are about to go in?
SØREN HANSEN: I would say if you shoot 2- or 3-under it's a very good score, especially if you are among the leaders, so that would be very satisfying. I don't know, the wind could pick up or die down, you never know. But 2- or 3-under here is always a good score.

Q. What was your objective teeing off this morning, eight behind the leaders, did you have a goal in mind?
SØREN HANSEN: I finished off with two bogeys yesterday and I have not been playing that badly this week and I was a bit disappointed. I wanted to get off to a good start and didn't quite do that it, but finishing it off at 5-under, I'm very happy with that.
Yeah, I hit two great shots on the last, just came up short in the bunker, some tricky bunker shots, but all in all very happy.

Q. How will you spend your afternoon?
SØREN HANSEN: I think I will rest, watch a bit of football, and probably prepare a little bit tonight with a few shots and a bit of putting and then we'll see tomorrow.

Q. Have you ever seen anything like that?
SØREN HANSEN: Not on a par 3. I've seen on a par 5, I think on a par 4, I have one myself on a par 4 I think. But once you hit it left there into the trees, you've got no place to drop it. The best option is nearly going back to the tee, but you don't want to do that again because it's a horrible shot.

Q. Is it quite uncomfortable watching someone unravel like that?
SØREN HANSEN: Obviously you don't want to see that, but to be fair, I mean, Pablo struggled a little bit all day and he has a fantastic short game, but yeah, he hit that one shot there, and I mean, he could have written any number on that card.

Q. What did you say to him?
SØREN HANSEN: Well, you say bad luck at the end and that's it. We never really got the chance to speak.

Q. He tried to hit it out?
SØREN HANSEN: I think he hit it and he had a drop, and then he had six chips, and two putts, is that right?

Q. The score is written, there were two penalty drops in there.
SØREN HANSEN: Was there?

Q. There was a referee out there, wasn't there?
SØREN HANSEN: There was. He said eight to me and I said, wow, that didn't sound right and he came up the 18th and I trust his word on that; there was a referee present, so I think we'll be all right.

Q. Hard to keep your focus on your own shot when a soap opera is going on elsewhere?
SØREN HANSEN: No, I was all right. He kept telling me to keep going. And it was all about hitting a few swings on that 18th tee box and get it away, which is, you know, at least I didn't have to face a difficult chip and had a straightforward putt. It was more the 18th tee shot, you don't want to hit that. You want to hit down straight in the middle and get out there of really.
I didn't write anything because I wanted to make sure once we got in there we had the right one and the referee confirmed it, so we should be all right.

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