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May 30, 2009

Christian Cevaer


RODDY WILLIAMS: That was terrific out there today. That was only the second birdie on the 18th in particular, a very nice way to finish a good round.
CHRISTIAN CÉVAËR: Yeah, absolutely. It's nice when you can enjoy a perfect hole like that. I notice the pin position as I walk to the 10th, so I knew that you had to be on the left or long. So, yeah, pulled out a rescue 4 for me which works out as a 3-iron for me, and used the wind like that. Oh, it's a great feeling when those shots come off like that, perfect.
RODDY WILLIAMS: Obviously going to be a big day tomorrow now.

Q. Looking forward to it, and what are your thoughts ahead of the final round?
CHRISTIAN CÉVAËR: Yeah, well, you know, I'm happy to be swinging well, and obviously yeah, it's great and I even found some juice out there with a bit of adrenaline, you know, playing, and I enjoyed it very much.
So, like I was saying to SKY there early on, I've had a frustrating beginning of the season so far, and I've had, also, trouble off the course. Nothing serious, but some worries, that took a toll on my game as of late. Last two tournaments I started really bad the first five holes, so after that, I was playing catch up.
This time around, finally I've had to regroup and just focus on getting the most pleasure out of the game again, and so to come out and have that happen on the first day was nice. And so from there on, I focused basically on enjoying it, because you know, you put things in perspective when you have trouble elsewhere.
We are having a fantastic life out here, and so no matter what, the first thing is first, is to enjoy my game and my performance and I'm happy to be doing that.

Q. Could you elaborate on the trouble that you've had off the course?
CHRISTIAN CÉVAËR: Well, yeah, I mean, luckily just some -- I don't know if I should, really.
Well, yeah, it's okay. It's okay. Some trouble with my management company, and I guess I am, you know, it's not so easy to -- and it's taking a lot of, whenever you have some differences, and then they are in trouble themselves. So the future in that regards for including Gregory Havret and Jose-Filipe Lima is uncertain. And so in those times, you know, luckily I got some help from legal professionals and all that to see what's going to happen. Because when you are a person of principle, and so there are a few things that I'm not happy with, and on top of knowing what's going to happen with the company, any day it could -- it was a situation where any day it could be gone; it's there; it's not.
So, you know, my personality, unfortunately, I'm not able to -- I was not able to just let it go. And so it's taking a toll on me. But I know now that all of these things are not so important and mainly I'm looking forward to our second child; my wife is pregnant.
Yeah, I've been in an emotional state, because of that, which is not the right one, when really I should be the happiest golfer with the fact that we've had three miscarriages in the past, and it looks like all is looking good to have a second child.
You know how we get in the heat of the moment there, we don't think European Tour schedule there, but things happen when things happen, but I could be missing the French Open or the Scottish Open unfortunately. But you know, no matter what, it will be a big win that week, obviously, with our second child.
So like I'm saying, the point is I'm focusing again on all of the things that can be enjoyed and that I should be in touch with.

Q. Can you explain your shot on 13? It's a nightmare for me trying to do a lay up and it goes long.
CHRISTIAN CÉVAËR: On 13, yes, well --

Q. Did you hit an 8-iron?
CHRISTIAN CÉVAËR: No, I hit a 7. What happened there is they moved the tees way, way ahead, and usually, they will say, minus 45 from back there. But this time around, they only had what was to the front. So, okay, fair enough. My caddie still walked all the way back, and then, you know, it's probably not a radar thing, so approximation. And so we took off and we agreed to a run-out, but also like I said, I found some good swinging when you're confident; and I think the fairways have been firming up, as well.
I think a combination of everything, maybe a gust, blah, blah, blah, I was obviously not happy about it, but luckily enough I had an okay lie. But the thing is because of that rough lie, I couldn't be cute. My caddie said, let it go, let it go, because I like to put sand wedges within three metres of the hole. But this time I was five metres left.
There are so many things with this game that are unpredictable that don't necessarily work out the way that you want, and just let it go and accept.

Q. Are there any particular memories or experiences that you will draw on to go into the final round tomorrow?
CHRISTIAN CÉVAËR: Yes, certainly. Of course, basically all the best finishes. I enjoyed my win at the 2004 Spanish Open.
You know, last year, one inch short of the playoff in Switzerland. You know, I've had a couple good finishes in the British Masters in the past. You know, it's not all coming back to me, but all my wins on The Challenge Tour in the past, and so definitely, all of these come back to me.
But you know, yeah, you're right, thank you for the suggestion. That should accompany me tomorrow. (Laughter) All of these lovely thoughts.

Q. Bear it in mind when you hold the winner's cheque tomorrow.
CHRISTIAN CÉVAËR: We all know, it's so too early to think of those things. But first thing is first, find my good feeling of the swing that I have right now, and I tell you what was tough out there today, because of the windy condition, was the putting, the pace of the putting. You know, when you have downhill, uphill, a bit of grain, sometimes the grains, parts of the greens are drying out. And then you have the wind, sometimes you're against it, sideways.
I look forward to the challenge, basically, like I've been every day.

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