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May 30, 2009

Chris Wood


RODDY WILLIAMS: Chris, that was a terrific round out there, and conditions are looking very tough. I think that 6-under mark could be the target today.
CHRIS WOOD: It would be nice if it was. I can't see it leading, but there's still a few birdies on the par 5 on the back nine. But the last three holes are playing as tough as ever.
So to get through there like I did 1-over today was pretty good.
RODDY WILLIAMS: You were saying 18 in particular was playing tough but your group didn't seem to have any trouble. How did you play it?
CHRIS WOOD: Well, I almost hit a 3-wood today just to try to hit it into the right area of the fairway. I had about 290 run-out and I wanted to hit driver and hit it exactly on it and ran out five yards, just got an awful lie.
If I hit 3-wood, it would have left me probably 4- or 5-iron in, but then at least I could hit the fairway off the tee. So it's worth thinking about.

Q. How are you enjoying life as a touring pro? Obviously it's a big shift, isn't it?
CHRIS WOOD: Yes, I feel like it's taken a while, this season, especially, because I got my card at Tour School, and to get into that many events from Christmas up to sort of March, April time, really, and the events I did get in, it was practicing in snow and ice at home and then going out to Indonesia or wherever, it's like 40 degrees. I've never been to places like that before, and that part of the Tour, that sort of swing was sort of a huge change for me. I think I struggled a little bit to get used to it.
But since I got back to Europe, the last sort of couple of months, I felt like I've settled in much better.
RODDY WILLIAMS: Obviously your performance at Birkdale last year is what everybody remembers you for, but this week now in the professional ranks, how is it to be up at the top of the leaderboard in this event.
CHRIS WOOD: Yes, it's been coming. The way I was hitting the ball sort of Tuesday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, I was very happy just to make the cut.
I've done a lot of short game and putting and just been constantly working on my swing and my coach was here Wednesday, and yeah, I think although I haven't hit the ball great, I've scored really well.

Q. Do you think about winning this tournament?
CHRIS WOOD: Not yet, no. I've just got to keep doing exactly the same that I've been doing mentally this week, that's been pretty much my key to scoring well. Because I haven't been hitting it very well. If I can stay patient, almost played away from quite a few flags, because I'm not hitting the ball well enough to go at them and take my 2-putt par.
So I'll just keep doing that tomorrow and if it's good enough, it's good enough.

Q. Looking at your shirt, do you have a Turnberry association?

Q. Have you been up there?
CHRIS WOOD: Played in the Amateur Championship there last year, so played it about eight times. Yeah, it's pretty tough.

Q. How did you do on the 18th the last two days?
CHRIS WOOD: Yesterday I drove it into a pretty awful lie, as well, again, actually, on the right. Managed to get it probably 20 yards short of the green, up-and-down, and then today hit a good drive into an awful lie, and up-and-down from about 35 yards.
So again, my short game is sort of holding me in there.

Q. First round, what did you do the first day?
CHRIS WOOD: First day, I don't remember actually. I think I made four.

Q. Obviously a very big day for you tomorrow. How do you keep calm, keep the nerves at bay?
CHRIS WOOD: I think probably The Open will be something to sort of look back on, and obviously I felt like I was in contention there going into the last day, and they don't get any bigger than The Open.
So I can sort of use that as my experience. And that day, the Sunday, I just played my normal game. I was right in the thick of it playing with Ian Poulter on last day of The Open, and you know, for an amateur, that's pretty intimidating. I felt like I dealt with it really well.
So you know, same again, really.

Q. What's the biggest thing you've learned since turning pro as a pro?
CHRIS WOOD: I'd say my time management. You're so busy and you're away so much, and it's so important to stay fresh. I've played three or four weeks in a row, and I've had the chance to go and play the next week, but the temptation is there to play every week. But I think it that's a massive thing just to make sure you're fresh every tournament you play, otherwise you can't compete at your best.

Q. What's your maximum number to play in succession?
CHRIS WOOD: Well, I've tried to get home even if it's just for a night, because in Europe, you can do that. But when you're in China or wherever, I've done three weeks in a row without going home so, that would be about the maximum I think.

Q. How did you do in the Amateur there?
CHRIS WOOD: I think I lost last 16.

Q. Remember the eventual winner?
RODDY WILLIAMS: Chris, well played, thank you very much.

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