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May 29, 2009

Peter Hanson


PETER HANSON: It was playing very tough today, that wind. I took full advantage of the good greens yesterday morning, and this time of the year with the poa annua seeds, they get a bit bumpy in the afternoon, but I think that's really the combination of getting that wind and a little bit of bumpy greens, and yeah, it's killing the scores out there.

Q. All the more satisfying because you held yours together?
PETER HANSON: As I say I'm very happy to get it those two last up-and-downs, 17 and 18, two great up-and-downs, and I kind of felt that was the thing to kind of hang in there if I do say.
So I know Jeev is 9-under standing on the 16th tee but he's going to fight hard to get those last three pars and hopefully he comes back a few, and yeah, I won't be too far off.

Q. People at home will see the blue skies and beautiful greens and we stand near the clubhouse in shelter, hard to believe how tricky it is.
PETER HANSON: When you get the strong wind, I don't know what it is, 20 miles an hour. It's a very open course; so there are very few places where you're sheltered. This is one of them, of course.
No, it's a golf course to be played today.

Q. And I take it you avoided the worst of the rough because that looks like a weak field at times out there?
PETER HANSON: That's the thing, when you're hitting the ball well, you can control the ball a little bit better. I felt that I controlled it really well on the front nine and on the back nine I just got a little bit wayward toward the end.

Q. We spoke after the first day after that exceptional round, and you were still buy he'd by the U.S. Open, you're not tired by this 36 holes in a day yet?
PETER HANSON: Felt all right, took it pretty easy yesterday afternoon, went out for a little bit of practice and went to the gym. Just trying to save energy and hopefully just have plenty of energy for rest of this week.
And decided to take next week off and really get ready for the U.S. Open.

Q. And I suppose when you're up there, you don't feel quite so tired, anyway.
PETER HANSON: No, you don't.

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