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May 29, 2009

Christian Cevaer


CHRISTIAN CEVAER: Yeah, it was enjoyable, that was what I set out to do, and keep enjoying my game, which I could see obviously was in it good shape yesterday.
And so you know, I just went about and accepted the few bad holes, and luckily that paid off with -- my back nine was the nine, and birdieing four holes there, that was a good job into these windy conditions.

Q. Well, glorious conditions, actually in, terms of sunshine and warmth, but that wind is tricky, isn't it?
CHRISTIAN CEVAER: Absolutely. Like it picked up, I forget exactly when, but the point is it picked up, and sometimes you have a two-club wind, a club-and-a-half to two-club wind.
I hit driver, a cut 3-wood into the ninth today, so for a short player like me. But the scoring is there, so satisfied, yeah.

Q. I Italy was pretty good for a time, wasn't it; you said your game is coming into shape.
CHRISTIAN CEVAER: Yeah, the last two weeks, I had horrendous shots. Ireland, for instance, I was 5-over after six holes and came back and was an inch -- I made a putt on the last thinking I had made the cut at 3-under, and then it turned out 4-under; so, you know, Wentworth was the same.
So you know, I have my own private reasons, I believe, for that. Sometimes life is not always simple. The extra sport life is not always simple. That's taken a bit of a toll on me, and the last two weeks, I've had terrible starts. But now this is a different story, a new week, and we should always look to a new week with enthusiasm. So this is what's happening and it's great for me.

Q. As they are private reasons, I probably shouldn't ask about them, should I.
CHRISTIAN CEVAER: That's right. But one fantastic news is my wife is expecting a child maybe in five, six weeks from now. May get me to miss the French Open, but c'est la vie.

Q. Trivial, maybe not trivial to you, but I saw the necklace, the bracelet on the bag.
CHRISTIAN CEVAER: My little boy did that at the Portuguese Masters crèche, the crèche with the lovely Crèche-Out Ladies that take care of our children quite often during the years. It's his lucky charm, so I enjoy keeping that, and I thank him for giving me that gift.

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