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May 29, 2009

Anthony Wall


Q. What is making the golf course so difficult? Some of the stars are really struggling.
ANTHONY WALL: It's difficult out there, when the wind is swirling around, the rough is deceivingly thick, actually. If you run through the fairway, you have no chance of reaching the green.

Q. You finished 42nd, 10th and 6th in your last three tournaments; is a win on the agenda?
ANTHONY WALL: Very much so. I'm playing good. I feel comfortable. I like this sort of greens; the grass on the greens, I can read these. This is what I grew up on. I expect to do well this week.

Q. Playing alongside young Shane, he had a better day today, what's your impression of him?
ANTHONY WALL: He's obviously very young and lots to learn as we all have, but he's a good talent, very raw. He's got a lot to learn in professional golf but I think he'll do very well. He certainly proved it with the win. I'm sure he'll have a great career.

Q. Another good round, you're going along well, last few weeks have been impressive?
ANTHONY WALL: I've been playing good the last year or so, I'm comfortable and feel happy with what I'm doing; long may it continue.

Q. What's the atmosphere like out there at the moment?
ANTHONY WALL: Very good, very good. It's nice. It makes a big difference when there's a crowd. It's nice. It's what you want.

Q. Come sooner or later, the win will come, keep knocking on the door.
ANTHONY WALL: It will, but I've got to putt well for four days. You don't win unless you putt well for four days, and to be honest I've only putted well for four days once or twice in my life. That's the key for me.

Q. How big of a boost is it when you finish sixth like you did last week coming into a week like last week?
ANTHONY WALL: It is for me really, it's my home event, I'm about two minutes away. It's good and I feel comfortable.

Q. Two rounds to go.
ANTHONY WALL: As long as the sun shines, everything will be fine. The scoring will be good, but I think it will be a good scoring week. The greens are good and the course is in great shape, so I expect a low score on the weekend.

Q. You stepped on the gas on the front nine, five birdies in succession.
ANTHONY WALL: I made four in a row on the same holes yesterday. Something about that little corner.
No, it was a good part of the course, and a tough part of the course, as well. So it was a surprise to do it two days running.

Q. Happy birthday; how are you celebrating?
ANTHONY WALL: Going home, quietly. Have a nice, quiet evening, a barbeque probably.
It's difficult out here, a long week, 20 hours of golf, so you've got to be on your game now. There's no messing around. People that win, you've got to play well for sort of four days and 20 hours, or maybe 18 hours. Long way to go.

Q. Despite the fact that this course looks wide open, it is tricky?
ANTHONY WALL: It's such a nice course, it is pleasant to the eye, but if you run through those doglegs, you're in trouble.

Q. And you've got the precision and you're putting the ball in the right place.
ANTHONY WALL: Yeah, I'm very pleased. I'm converting my chances, and I feel comfortable on this sort of golf course. It suits my eye. There are always three or four holes that don't suit you but I've always felt comfortable here.
I've been an also-ran for a long time but it's just a case of proving it and doing it over a long period of time that actually matters. And once you win one, you probably go and win another one. You've got to play well for nearly 20 hours of golf, which is a lot. We do underestimate. You only have to look at the top five or six on this tour, five or ten years ago, they won five or six times a year and they are lucky if they win once or twice now, that's how strong the Tour is.

Q. What's made the difference?
ANTHONY WALL: I've got better technique. I've got better technique. I'm getting older. Things don't bother me quite as much. I think it's just better technique.

Q. Do you work out in the gym?
ANTHONY WALL: Not really. I run. Probably wouldn't think so but I do run. Gyms bore me. I find it hard to stand there for an hour and a half.

Q. How much do you run?
ANTHONY WALL: Oh, not long, three or four times a week.

Q. Four or five miles?
ANTHONY WALL: About that.

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