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May 28, 2009

Jyoti Randhawa


JYOTI RANDHAWA: It was great. The weather was just perfect today. After yesterday, I thought, well, here we go again, but today was good. Six birdies, no bogeys. I missed two small putts on the first, my 10th hole, and 8, my 17th hole.
But that's golf. It averages out so I'm happy.

Q. Good coming off a round of indifferent form by your standards and a bit of injury, as well.
JYOTI RANDHAWA: Yeah, I've taken two months off. I've been all over the place, and I was in America, skydiving, so that shows you the last two weeks, it took me some time to get back.
Luckily I'm all right, sort of happy with the way I played today.

Q. How was the skydiving?
JYOTI RANDHAWA: That was fun. It was a great rush. What that does to you, no sport in the world can do, the kind of adrenaline that flows when you jump out of a plane. I guess I need to play more golf, practice a lot of golf, that takes more time.

Q. How often have you done this and what was involved this time?
JYOTI RANDHAWA: That was my first time. I just qualified AFF, which means freefall, I can jump on my own, so I can get on a flight and jump on my own, so qualified to go solo, so I've done that. It's a fantastic feeling.

Q. Special place in the States with great views as you come down?
JYOTI RANDHAWA: Yeah, I was in South Carolina. It was great. Great place.

Q. I know you love your motorcycles and you like a bit of adventure, so what prompted you to do this? Somebody's recommendation?
JYOTI RANDHAWA: Well, I did, my brother-in-law, in India we went looking on top there and when you look down, it's a different feeling, and flying that high, I think it's just an believable. So you're like a plane but you're not in it.

Q. Flying high on the golf, is it a bit of surprise when you've given yourself some time off to get the game back.
JYOTI RANDHAWA: Well, it is, actually. Last two weeks weren't that great, Ireland which is back with us, I did try to perform better, and I've carried on from there. Hopefully it should be okay from now on.

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