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May 28, 2009

Peter Lawrie


PETER LAWRIE: Played nicely and struck the ball beautifully to be honest. Drove the ball in the fairway, nothing major. Holed a few sort of 5-, 6-, 7-footers, which is always nice, and to start with 5-under is always a good start.

Q. So nothing major means no particular highlight you want to reflect on?
PETER LAWRIE: No. I birdied 18, which was my ninth hole, which is always a good birdie, any day of the week. I hit a 6-iron there to about 20 feet just off the edge of the green and I holed that.
So that was about the highlight. But other than that, I played very consistent, a lot of good iron shots as I said, and yeah, very happy with 67.

Q. A couple of guys have come in saying it's been playing pretty tough there, despite the wealth of good scores.
PETER LAWRIE: Yeah, you know, I was speaking to David Williams yesterday about the setup of the golf course, and I think the golf course is presented beautifully, but it is difficult especially if you miss the fairways and around the greens.
Around the greens in particular, if you miss any of the greens, I wouldn't say virtually impossible, but it's very difficult to get up-and-down with the heavy rough around the greens.

Q. But you reflect that is a good starting score.
PETER LAWRIE: Very much so, yeah. I'm very happy. I'm one off the lead, two off the lead, but it's only Thursday.

Q. What are your thoughts on Shane Lowry?
PETER LAWRIE: I played nine holes with him the other day. Delighted for him, lovely story. Lovely fella, he's 22, and he has the whole world at his feet.

Q. Has he made the right decision?
PETER LAWRIE: Very much so. There's no other decision he could make. To tee it up in the East of Ireland, I think it would have been this week, back at Baltray, would have been the biggest downer he would have felt. At least coming here, the expectation of how he's going to be as a pro, there's a lot of good guys in the field. It's a tough field this week.

Q. There's expectation, but you know better than we do, so is it something that he's taking in his stride?
PETER LAWRIE: I've never seen a guy so relaxed. He takes it all in. I was very impressed by that, his whole attitude.
Just goes to show, it's a credit to his mom and dad how he was brought up, because he's taken it in stride and he doesn't have a big head in my shape or form, so it's a credit to his mom and dad.

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