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May 28, 2009

Simon Khan


SIMON KHAN: Carried on from how I played on Monday really, first six or seven holes played really nicely and then I had a bit of a dodgey spell, 7, 8 and 9, started to feel a little tired to be honest.
But I got through those holes okay and made my pars on 7, 8 and 9 not playing really well and then on the back nine sort of got my swing going again, and then I played the back nine well.

Q. Tiredness aside from having the 36 holes on the one day, on the back of another tournament, etc., there must be confidence at the moment?
SIMON KHAN: Just found a really nice feeling in my swing the Sunday before Walton Heath and I carried it on today. My good shots were very good today and I just hit a couple of slightly wayward ones for me. But generally I was happy with the way I hit it today.
The course is playing tougher than last year, no doubt about it. The weather is a lot better but the course is playing longer. So you know, probably it evens itself out a little bit. You know, if the wind was to get up this week, the course would play tough, and some new tees, as well.

Q. You qualified for the U.S. Open, tried but not quite finished.
SIMON KHAN: Walton Heath is a great golf course and felt like I should do well. This year maybe a little bit more relaxed, no practice round or anything I could have done. I just felt I know the course well, you know the shots you've got to hit and it means a lot, yeah.
It's just a tournament that I've always looked at and thought, if I'm on my game, it should suit me. If I can drive the ball well and hit fairways like I know I can and hit greens; but it's something I'm really looking toward to.

Q. Peter Hanson was saying he has the same kind of confidence, different circumstances with the hole-in-one, but getting through, that's what you play for, so gives you that extra stride.
SIMON KHAN: It did. The way I played, it really did give me a boost. I was sort of pretty good at Wentworth, but you know, you're just not quite hitting the shots that you want to hit. That was a positive thing, as well, it was important for me to get a few rounds under par, because I've had spells where I've felt like I'm about to start playing well, but to be sort of last sort of three rounds now feels good.

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