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May 28, 2009

Ben Curtis


Q. Thoughts on a round of 68 today?
BEN CURTIS: Any time in the 60s is good. Yeah, I played decent golf, slow start but once I got going and found a rhythm, got the pace of the greens a bit better and putted well.
A shame I couldn't take that second shot back, but other than that was okay.

Q. This golf course, your first visit, did you like what you saw when you first came?
BEN CURTIS: Yeah, it is, it's a great layout. It's interesting, depends on the weather, so they can set it up how they want. But it can play a bit fun, they set it up however they want. It's not an easy course but it's not terribly difficult right now with the conditions being the way they are.

Q. When you come to a new venue, how do you get to know the course quickly?
BEN CURTIS: I think more important you just have to get the pace of the greens. A couple of holes are tricky to read but you just have to get the pace. That's what I find more than anything, just get the lines and the speed. You know within a couple of rounds how far the ball is travelling in the weather so I think more than anything, just get the pace of the greens.

Q. You're staying with your caddie this week, 24/7, tell us about that?
BEN CURTIS: Well, a lot of candy around. But it's good fun. It's nice being in a house, especially with the kids. It gets them out of the hotel and they are able to run around a little bit and make some noise, so you're not feeling so guilty and they are not crying as much.

Q. Some good crowds?
BEN CURTIS: Yeah, getting there, more and more as time goes on.

Q. Nice start for you, good, solid opening round.
BEN CURTIS: Yeah, definitely, any time you can shoot under par is good. So I'm happy. Just hope I can keep it going.

Q. Any key moments for you out there today?
BEN CURTIS: Not really. Just made a nice save on 16, maybe a 10-footer, that was nice. I think that helped and kept it going.
Birdied 18 and that's always a plus. Kind of ho-hummed it around the front but made a couple birdies.

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